what changes with the new rules?

President Jair Bolsonaro sanctioned bill 21/2022, which amends a series of labor rules. The text mainly regulates food stamps and hybrid work, performed by employees who mix home office and face-to-face work.

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Some points of the document were vetoed before its transformation into Law No. 14,442, of September 2, 2022. In the original version, the worker would be authorized to withdraw the benefit after 60 days, but the device received a veto.

The topic has been the subject of many controversies in recent months, especially from the bar and restaurant sector. The businessmen claimed that the approval of the cash withdrawal could reduce their earnings and mischaracterize the benefit.

What changes in the food stamp?

Among the main changes approved is the determination that food aid cannot be used to pay for any item other than food. The free portability of the service is also guaranteed, which means that the user can choose the flag he wants.

The Ministry of Labor and Welfare says that the decision aims to prevent the citizen from compromising the ticket with the payment of cable TV and streaming, cigarettes and other products and services that deviate from the original.

Another important change is the end of discounts offered by ticket providers to contracting companies. According to the government, the costs generated were passed on to the consumer in the form of higher tariffs.

And the hybrid work?

The law elucidates points about hybrid work that were still open to discussion and interpretation. It is authorised, for example, to hire interns and apprentices under this regime.

Telework and remote work (home office) are characterized as the provision of services outside the employer’s premises and presented in the document as synonyms.

Those who work remotely and provide service by production or task are exempt from journey control. With the exception of this specific group, all companies with more than 20 employees must control the journey of their employees.

The presence in the work environment for specific tasks does not de-characterize the regime, even if it is usual. Employees with disabilities and/or with children up to 4 years of age are given preference in the allocation of vacancies for activities that can be carried out remotely.

It is also worth noting that the form of service provision must be expressed in the individual employment contract. In addition, the employer will only be responsible for the expenses generated by the return to face-to-face work when remote work has been adopted by him.

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