workers suffering from the disease receive compensation

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Have you heard about the Compensation Law aimed at health workers? Basically, the law provides that, in addition to nursing, other health professionals will also have this right to financial compensation when they are victims of covid-19. Among these professions are physiotherapists, social workers, community workers, doctors, gravediggers, morgue workers, laboratory technicians, among others.

With this, dependents of these professionals can receive R$ 50 thousand, in case of people who died or were disabled due to work on the front line against Covid. To learn more, see below.

STF will pay compensation to workers victims of Covid-19

However, the Federal Government recently claimed that the inclusion of these professionals in the Indemnity Law would be unconstitutional, and should not be heard. The Federal Supreme Court (STF), however, rejected this argument and guaranteed, on August 16, the payment of the foreseen indemnities, with immediate effect. The vote within the SFT was unanimous.

Therefore, dependents of these professionals affected by Covid-19 received the R$ 50 thousand from the government. In addition, if the deceased worker left minor dependents, they receive financial compensation of a variable amount. Each situation requires a different calculation. Basically, R$ 10,000 will be paid for each year that remains until the dependent turns 21. The amount is deposited in one go.

Finally, the law also determines that the age for calculation can go up to 24 years, in cases where the dependent is studying at a higher level. These rules also apply to cases where Covid-19 was not the main cause of death or disability. It is sufficient to prove the relationship between the onset of the disease and the date of death or disability.

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