You are being deceived: Know 3 practices that DO NOT increase your CPF Score, but that you believe

O score financial is the score that ranks consumers in the market according to the condition they have to pay their debts. In short, this score ranges from 0 to 1000, according to the citizen’s history.

It should be noted that this is the condition most used by banks and financial institutions in the concession of their services, such as loans, credit cards and financing, for example.

In this sense, because it is important for the consumer to have a favorable score, he often believes that some actions can make a difference, helping him to expand his credit score.

However, that’s not how things happen. Many practices that, apparently, seem to help with the score, are often unrelated to the credit protection agencies.

So, check out three of these lies below:

CPF in the note

First, there is one of the biggest myths about the contribution to increase the score. Contrary to what many believe, putting the CPF in the note when making a purchase does not help to increase the score.

In practice, adding the CPF to the bill is a strategy by state governments to avoid tax evasion by consumers. In other words, it only contributes to controlling the tax taxation of trade and the ICMS (Tax on the Circulation of Goods and Services).

payment of debts

Paying your bills on time, or even paying off the debt that left you with a dirty name doesn’t instantly increase your score. The action practically does not change your score at all.

This is because paying debts on time should be an obligation, but, as the discharges occur properly, the credit protection agencies allow the score to be raised.

have high income

Finally, many people believe that the more they earn, the more their score will go up. This statement is yet another myth of the financial market.

What counts is the behavior of the consumer in the face of the recurring payment of their debts and not how much they receive monthly.

How to increase the Score?

Beforehand, the consumer must understand that his score only increases according to his financial behavior. So, see what can improve your score:

  • Clear your name, if you are registered as a defaulter;
  • Keeping bill payments up to date;
  • Keep the data updated on the websites of the credit protection agencies;
  • Do not commit all your income to loans and financing;
  • Make conscious purchases.

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