you can have one in your wallet!

It may be hard to believe, but there are some coins that can be worth much more than their official value, and the best thing is that you can have one in your wallet, even if you don’t know it. These coins can have their value increased by several factors, such as rarity, conservation, different symbols and small details that make them different from others.

This situation may be more common than you might think. Also, many people own some of these coins, and have no idea that they can be overpriced in the hands of a collector. Therefore, it is valid to understand which issues make a currency somewhat in demand for certain people.

Can be worth up to 800 times its value
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Rare coin of R$0.05 cents

As already mentioned, there are some coins and bills that can be worth much more than their official value. This is the case of a R$0.05 coin, which has become a rarity. This coin has drawn the attention of the numismatic market. That is, several collectors are willing to pay a rather high amount, just to make the coin part of their collection.

Basically, it was created in the year 1999, and it has a low circulation. That is, there are few units of it in the world, considering the high level of production of the others. Its production was about 11.2 million units, arranged in different regions. Therefore, you may have one in your wallet, just check its year of production.

Currently, the value of the coin can go up to R$40.00. Although it is not a resounding value, it is still much higher than its original price. That is, it is possible to earn more than R$39.00, due to a currency that can be seen as “simple” for you. The same case happened with the R$1.00 coin, which can cost up to R$8,000.

It is a coin from the 2016 Olympic Games collection, which took place in the city of Rio de Janeiro. Its great differential is the so-called “wooden leg” symbol. Recently, an app user TikTok (, published a video offering values ​​between R$6,000 and R$8,000 for the coin. This elevation of values ​​also happened with a specific lineage of a currency also from the Olympic Games. Its differential, therefore, is that it was created in 2012, the year in which the Olympic Torch was passed to Brazil. It can cost up to R$10 thousand reais.

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How to sell a rare coin

In advance, it is valid to say that there are still countless other coins and notes that can be worth a hefty one. To know what they are, it is always necessary to pay attention to the smallest details of their composition. Usually, those who evaluate the values ​​of these coins are the numismatic houses, which study the historical and economic point of view of money.

Thus, Brasil Moeda Leilões, for example, is one of the most famous houses in the country, responsible for this type of auction. It offers online service, with professional assistance. For this, just consult its official website ( Furthermore, many individuals choose to advertise these rarities on their own social networks, attracting the attention of many collectors.

Furthermore, it should be mentioned that the more conserved a coin is, the greater the chances of obtaining a high amount for it. However, if you don’t know what value to stipulate for sale, look for specialized professionals, as already mentioned, who can help you understand the importance of your coin/note. Finally, if your wish is to keep it for a while longer, it may become even more valued in the future.

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