Young man curses Prince Andrew during funeral procession

A young Scotsman shouted curses at Prince Andrew during Queen Elizabeth II’s funeral procession this morning. He was quickly removed from the public and detained by police patrolling the procession.

“You’re a sick old man! Disgusting!” shouted the man, identified by British media outlets as Rory.

Upon being restrained by a police officer, the young man said he “didn’t do anything wrong.” He was also assaulted by another spectator of the procession.

Shortly afterwards, in an interview with a reporter for the local Holyrood Daily, Rory stated that “powerful men shouldn’t commit sex crimes and get away with it.”

Andrew was close friends with Jeffrey Epstein, an American billionaire accused of sexual exploitation of minors, and was accused of sexual assault by Virginia Roberts Giuffre, something he has always denied.

In 2020, the prince was accused in court of being the “powerful individual” who was targeted by Jeffrey Epstein’s “sex slaves”, according to the British tabloid The Mirror. In the lawsuits, Andrew is also accused of having “orgy with several other underage girls”.

In January of this year, Andrew lost his military and royal titles, and in February, he reached an out-of-court settlement with Giuffre.

what happens next

Thousands of people are expected in this last moment with the monarch. Due to the likely time standing in line, the crowd was advised to bring food and drink. According to the BBC, visitors will undergo an “airport-level” inspection. It will not be allowed to photograph or film the visit.

At night, King Charles and the brothers will hold a vigil around the coffin.

Tomorrow the body will be taken to London. Operation Unicorn dictates that the journey must begin at Waverley Station, where the coffin will be placed on the private train that the British royal family has used since 1840.

According to The Daily Mail, authorities are already prepared to deal with the crowds that will gather around the railways to watch the train pass. However, if train travel is not possible, the body will be taken on a flight from Aberdeen airport – it was there that members of the royal family arrived to accompany the queen in her last moments.

The funeral will take place on 19 September at Westminster Abbey in central London. The queen’s body is to be buried in the King George 6th memorial chapel. The coffin is next to where Duke Philip, his parents and his sister Princess Margaret are buried.

Queen Elizabeth II’s body leaves in procession

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