Young man seeks help to cure himself of cancer in SP: ‘I want to live’

Student Julia Paiva, 23, has been fighting cancer since 2021, when she discovered a tumor in her chest, which was compressing the vena cava. The discovery came by chance, after she developed a cough that did not go away as a symptom. While she tries to gather resources to make an experimental treatment in the US, which may be her only solution to stay alive, the disease does not spare the young woman: the cancer has spread to her kidneys, liver and lungs.

The hope of Julia, who lives in Santos (SP), is to be able to travel to the USA, where she will be able to undergo a high-cost treatment that can cure the disease: CAR-T Cells immunotherapy. The treatment uses the body’s own defense cells to fight the disease rather than synthetic drugs.

But to be able to perform this type of therapy, which has already been considered a revolution in medicine, she needs to raise the equivalent of R$ 800 thousand. However, so far, the kitty has raised only R$ 13,500.

“I discovered the primary large B-cell lymphoma of the mediastinum in August 2021, when I already had vena cava syndrome and was hospitalized”, says the young woman. “I started with chemotherapy and didn’t do the PET scan (specialized tomography) at the beginning. I did the PET when I had already taken two cycles of chemo, I did six – finished in December. I took the portocath (a kind of long catheter, positioned inside a large-caliber vein, connected to a reservoir under the skin) that was in the leg. And I was just fine,” she recalls.

However, in January of this year, the cough returned and in February she discovered that the tumor was larger than 10 centimeters. of the leg, the portocath it ended up in her chest and she underwent two more different lines of chemotherapy, but it only got worse. She was very short of breath, she was hospitalized in an ICU.

Health and hope are fading

Recently, Julia’s health has only gotten worse. Saleswoman Flávia Paiva Rosa Pereira, the young woman’s sister, says she is very concerned about her physical and emotional state.

“She just cries, she is losing strength and also losing hope. My mother is devastated, she tries to fulfill all her wishes, like things she wants to eat, but she ends up not eating. For two weeks she just vomits. My stepfather, who is her father, just cries”.

Flavia told UOL who does not live in the family’s house, but who is always present, especially when taking her sister to the doctors, clinics and hospitals.

“In my head, I’m thinking 24 hours, seven days a week, what can I do. It’s horrible to know that the treatment exists, it’s close, but it’s not accessible for her. And she’s been getting worse. She’s a fortress, but already is weakening. In my heart, I’m very afraid that she won’t be able to wait. What will this end of the year be like? Will we be celebrating?”.

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