5 functions that companies will invest in soon; salaries reach R$ 10 thousand

The salary in the market usually follows the demand and all your investment embedded within. Much is said about future professionsspeculate on the current context and think about their salary, something that is indeed attractive.

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Most of them keep up with the modern world. The greater the innovation, the greater the demand. The greater the demand, the greater the dispute, and so on. It is an infinite cycle that the worker must be prepared to face. Let’s take a look at these five professions:

Specialist in Product Management (Product Management)

Such a professional must be responsible for coordinating and implementing a product or some type of service. It is the one who decides the products to be added in the company, how the innovation process should be and which area should be subject. In short, he takes care of all items that circulate within the environment and his routine.

Marketing director

In the present and future world, the marketing will continue to exist. There is no consolidated or start-up company that does not have knowledge or specialized professionals in communication. The company must be active and marketing is the voice that echoes to the followers.

This professional develops the visual identity of the brands, focuses on the communication channels that best match the company and plans the campaigns.

However, when entering this field, the salary is diversified by the demand of the company and its reach. Not everyone will start earning a lot. It’s a continuous learning process.

Cybersecurity Specialist

Speaking of websites, a constant concern is the safety of your customers. Even more so when they end up storing personal data or forms of payment.

Laws were created in Brazil to create protocols to be followed faithfully so that cases like this do not harm the reputation of companies and do not leave their system vulnerable.

the specialist in cybersecurity will be in charge of taking care of all these vulnerabilities and understanding the risks, installing protections and monitoring.

Software developer

In general terms, it is always a lucrative profession that integrates several areas that invest in the technological market. Any profession can welcome such a developer.

As we know, constantly evolving technology only adds to most businesses. We must still take into account that the Metaverse is constantly evolving and will be one of the great employers of the future.

Professional focused on User Experience

You should always put yourself in the customer’s shoes and create mental maps that facilitate better interaction with the environment, in this case, the websites. Basically, it’s a whole integrative process to make the customer feel good and want to return or keep the service for longer.

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