‘A Fazenda’ already has its first ‘cancelle’ – and with good reason: Bruno Tálamo – 09/14/2022

During the premiere of “A Fazenda” last Monday (12), Bruno Tálamo criticized Alex Galette’s stance, accusing him of being “wrong military”. For the ex-reporter of “A Tarde É Sua”, from RedeTV!, the presenter included “flags” and guidelines on “sexuality” where he didn’t need it. Nobody understood the insinuations very well, since the reality show’s actual debut only took place this Tuesday (13). And what we saw was that the journalist did not like to see the young man, an open homosexual, use gender-neutral language. “Here is a game, here we are all, it is not possible to say all or all, we are all. Because if we take it for sexual orientation or if it is male or female…”said Alex when referring to the choice of targets in a test.

The inclusive language was enough for Bruno to understand that the confinement colleague was “militant” or “raising the flag”. A simple “todes” bothered the reporter to the point that he considered Alex his opponent and decided to attack the way he expresses himself (in case it wasn’t clear, in the middle of 2022: LGBTs don’t have to talk the way heterosexuals expect of them. Here’s the tip !).

When arguing during the live, Bruno still tried to counter Alex’s arguments with “I I’m a television guy”. Not even the director of the program in which the journalist was a part took this excuse. “Bruno thinks that because he works in television he knows everything in the world. Bullshit”, wrote on Twitter, with reason, Elias Abrão, responsible for “A Tarde É Sua”. Bruno still tried to end the discussion by saying that Alex “can expand his repertoire” and not address “only sexuality”, in which he was questioned by the rival: “But who approached sexuality?”.

In fact, Alex didn’t talk about persecution or prejudice, didn’t talk about his sexuality. He spoke of a portion of the LGBT community that is more comfortable using neutral language. Why does this bother Bruno and so many others, who would be able to go on with their lives fully and perfectly understanding what was said? The question remains. Perhaps the reporter wants to appeal to the more conservative portion of the audience, but the chance of this backfiring is high. How ugly.

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