After headaches, woman discovers that her brain “leaks” from her skull

posted on 09/13/2022 16:15

British Georgia Lambert - (Credit: Reproduction/Instagram)

British Georgia Lambert – (Credit: Reproduction/Instagram)

A journalist has been diagnosed with a rare disease that causes the brain to “leak” out of the skull. British Georgia Lambert, 28, was diagnosed with two rare conditions after experiencing severe headaches.

The woman was diagnosed with Arnold-Chiari syndrome and syringomyelia, both of which are usually identified in the first few days of the baby’s life. The first is a malformation between the neck and head, when the cerebellum enters the spinal canal. The second is the formation of a liquid cavity within the spinal cord.

The chronic headaches started when Georgia was 17. When seeking help, the doctors said it was psychological. The journalist’s parents, however, continued to search for the real reason, even adopting varied diets and alternative therapies – without success.

The diagnosis only came after Lambert found a doctor who ordered an imaging test of the head.

“We waited weeks for the results. When we returned to the office, the clinician took a breath before pronouncing the two conditions they found. He explained to me that the back of my brain was leaking out of my skull, which caused fluid-filled cysts to form in my spinal cord,” he said in a report published by the British newspaper. The Times.

Before her diagnosis, Georgia recalls that she slept nine hours a day, on top of her normal eight at night, and was in pain all the time.

She needed to undergo a surgical procedure to drain her spinal cord. Even after the surgery, the pain continued and Georgia had to leave the university and join a group of patients with syringomyelia, where she learned techniques to distract herself from the pain.

According to the journalist, to this day she has severe hand tremors, back pain and recurrent brain leakage.

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