Ana Clara Lima says she kept part of her breast at home after reduction

Former BBB Ana Clara Lima revealed that she kept part of her breast on the bench at home after having surgery to remove part of the breast, as the size was very large and there were some cysts in the place.

“I had a big chest. I went for an exam and he was uneven and with several cysts. Thank God they weren’t evil. I put very small silicone, 160ml, because I had nothing. I was just with the prostheses”, explained the influencer on Multishow.

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Then, Ana Clara explained that “the breast stayed a long time” at her house”: “He gave me the bag with the breast and the cyst and said: ‘you have to take it to the laboratory. Take it and deliver it there and they will do the exams.”

“Then there was that chest there on the bench at home. I didn’t have to put it in the fridge. He said it didn’t need to be refrigerated. My chest was there on the bench at home,” added the presenter.

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