“Arrived at Rueda”; Behind the scenes of Lisca’s fall leaks and portal exposes reasons that harmed harmony in Santos


Internal sources provided details about the coach’s stance and its impact on the squad.

Photo: Joao Vitor Rezende Borba/AGIF
Photo: Joao Vitor Rezende Borba/AGIF

The week at Vila Belmiro started with another coach change, after not being able to see his work take off in saintscoach Lisca was fired at a meeting that took place on Monday (12), in reverberation of Peixe’s 2-1 defeat against Ceará.

Lisca’s fall was something that was already outlined on the horizon of Alvinegro Praiano, largely due to the methodology used by the coach. According to the “Fans” portal Behind the scenes at the Club, Lisca’s dismissal came as a relief to Vila, because the way the work was being developed did not fit with the cast and problems came to light.

The squad’s complaint, still according to what was pointed out by “Fans”, was based on substitutions and tactical changes made in games, which had not been trained before. In this way, the determinations were seen as something coming vertically, without dialogue and justifications, which would have given an authoritarian connotation on the part of the technical committee.

The report also exposes that the leaders of the squad were not in complete harmony with the coach and that this situation even generated criticisms that were passed on to President Andrés Rueda, alerting to the fact that athletes were being placed in extreme situations when the physical part. In this way, the football department began to worry about possible casualties at a decisive moment in the season.

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