Bolsonarist deputy Douglas Garcia offends journalist Vera Magalhães during debate of candidates for the government of SP on TV Cultura | Elections 2022 in Sao Paulo

Vera, who is a columnist for the newspaper O Globo, a commentator for CBN radio and presenter of the program Roda Viva, on TV Cultura, was in the area reserved for journalists when she was approached by Douglas Garcia.

With his cell phone in hand, he approaches Vera and says that she is “a disgrace to journalism” and intimidates her. The phrase is the same used by President Jair Bolsonaro (PL) against the journalist during the Band debate between presidential candidates.

On his profile on social networks, Douglas Garcia released a video in which he denied having assaulted the journalist. He claims that he approached her to question her contract with TV Cultura and that he filed a police report against her for “slander and defamation”. At the end of the recording, he repeats the insults he uttered during the debate.

  • Second debate to the government of the state of São Paulo brings together five candidates

Candidate for federal deputy, Garcia was in the entourage of former minister and candidate Tarcísio de Freitas (Republicans).

On social media, Tarcísio claimed that he did not see what had happened and criticized the co-religionist’s stance, without mentioning his name.

Journalist is offended by deputy during debate on TV Cultura – Photo: Reproduction/Social networks

Fernando Haddad, PT’s candidate for the government of SP, criticized Garcia’s behavior.

“I deeply regret and vehemently repudiate the aggression suffered by journalist Vera Magalhães while exercising her role as a journalist during today’s debate. This is an attitude incompatible with democracy and does not match what we defend in relation to the work of the press.”

Rodrigo Garcia, governor of SP and candidate for reelection by the PSDB, also used social media to express his rejection.

“My total repudiation of the cowardly attack that journalist Vera Magalhães suffered, after the debate on TV Cultura, coming from a guy who does not represent democratic values ​​or the people of São Paulo. My solidarity with you, Vera.”

At the moment of confusion, Leão Serva, presenter of the debate, took the deputy’s cell phone and threw it away.

In a video that circulates on social networks, the presenter says that the congressman’s harassment of the journalist is old and that he took such an attitude in order to contain the politician.

“He came here visibly with the intention of ‘sealing’. The only possible solution at that time was to get him away from ‘sealing,'” Serva said. “[Garcia] Vera Magalhaes has been harassing her for a long time.”

Vera, who is a columnist for the newspaper O Globo, a commentator for CBN radio and presenter of the program Roda Viva, on TV Cultura, said that she would need to be escorted from the place of the debate, and that she would make a report.

“This type of posture coming from a parliamentarian is unacceptable, intolerable in democracy. It will not be a truculent, or two, that will intimidate me to continue doing my job. The deputy has my contract, because he requested it. He lies repeatedly. . It won’t shut me up,” he said on the social network.

Post by journalist Vera Magalhães after the debate — Photo: Reproduction/Social networks

Lawsuits, offenses and controversies

Bolsonarist deputy, Douglas Garcia has a history of aggression, controversies and complaints in the ethics council of the Legislative Assembly of SP.

In June 2020, he was suspended by the Presidency of the House on account of his involvement in the dissemination of fake news and attacks on institutions that are pillars of democracy.

Last year, he was ordered to compensate all people who had their data released in June 2019 in the so-called “anti-fascist dossier”, which contains hundreds of personal data from opponents of the federal government.

In the nearly 1,000-page document, the names, photographs, addresses and personal telephone numbers of several people were released without prior permission and associated with terms such as “terrorists” and “criminal organization”.

He responds to at least eleven cases in the Justice of São Paulo because of the alleged dossier. In total, the damages lost by him already add up to R$ 70 thousand.

In May of this year, deputy Erica Malunguinho filed a lawsuit for transphobia against Garcia. In a session at Alesp, he said that trans is “a man who thinks he is a woman”.

In June, YouTube suspended the official channel of the Legislative Assembly of the State of São Paulo (Alesp) for seven days after Douglas Garcia showed a video with disinformation about Covid.

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