Bolsonaro should lower health plan measure before election

President Jair Bolsonaro has until the 26th to sanction the bill that forces health plans to pay for procedures or treatments that are not included in the ANS (National Supplementary Health Agency) list. In the same week of the election, Bolsonaro will need to make a decision that will result in controversy and screaming. If he vetoes the measure or endorses it, both situations will generate complaints from sectors of society.

Faced with the impasse, the president is in crisis and is discussing with allies which decision would cause less political damage on the eve of an election in which he fights against the electorate’s rejection. According to interlocutors, Bolsonaro would be more inclined to veto the obligation of health plans to cover procedures and treatments that are not included in the ANS list when there is scientific proof of effectiveness.

Therefore, the tendency would be for the president to favor health plans to the detriment of users. The political account, therefore, would be that the electoral damage would be less if the businessmen are benefited. If he prefers to sanction the project the way it was sent by Congress, Bolsonaro will be waving at the patients.

If sanctioned in the way that the National Congress sent it to the Planalto Palace, the bill could raise questions in court across the country. According to the text approved by the Senate, the list of ANS procedures will only serve as a reference for health plans. With this, beneficiaries could ask for coverage of treatments outside the list, as long as they are recognized by other agencies or there is scientific evidence.

The bill was first approved by the Chamber of Deputies, in response to the decision of the STJ (Superior Court of Justice) to establish that health plan operators are required to pay only for the 3,368 treatments that are on the ANS list. Without the list of procedures, patients can try to obtain coverage previously denied by health plans.

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