Bolsonaro’s plate tells the TSE that there was no ‘illegal usurpation’ of the 7th of September for electoral purposes | Elections 2022

According to the lawyers of the PL candidate for reelection, there was no electoral behavior during the military parade. The ticket recognizes that there was a political act that followed, but argues that the two events did not mix.

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In Brasília and Rio de Janeiro, civic and military celebrations were mixed with campaign actions by the candidate for reelection – which was contested by opponents in the presidential race.

“There was no illegal usurpation, for electoral purposes, of the celebrations of the Bicentennial of Independence. The commemorations of the civic event, of historical importance, took place in a naturally open and institutional way, with the presence of authorities and guests on the official stage. mostly military, in a protocol way. And at this stage, speeches and political-electoral behavior typical of campaigns were not produced and carried out!”, say the lawyers.

The president’s defense also asked that the Electoral Court establish the beacons and limitations of the president’s and his vice-president’s performance – that is, indicate in modulation what can or cannot be done.

They want, for example, that the two can broadcast electoral propaganda based on images obtained after the end of the Sete de Setembro parade in Brasília and other places – images captured by the campaign itself and without reference to Bolsonaro as president.

Bolsonaro takes advantage of September 7 acts to campaign

Bolsonaro takes advantage of September 7 acts to campaign

Presidential event and campaign act

In the document sent to the Electoral Court, the lawyers admitted that Bolsonaro “migrated, throughout his daily journey, factually and legally, from the condition of President of the Republic to the condition of candidate for reelection”.

“Bolsonaro was and continues to be President of the Republic and a candidate for reelection. And that holiday (Wednesday) celebrated the Bicentennial of Independence, yes, but it was also a typical day for electoral campaigns, for him and for the other candidates, notably by the galloping proximity of the date set for the first round of elections”, he wrote.

They also maintained that “it is necessary to recognize that the condition of candidate for reelection does not deprive Jair Messias Bolsonaro of exercising the Presidency of the Republic until the end of December 2022”. They also claimed that “the condition of President of the Republic cannot lacerate his condition of candidate”.

Bolsonaro’s defense provided clarifications in the context of the action of the federation that supports the candidacy of President Lula, who contested the conduct of the candidate for reelection on the holiday.

In this process, the Electoral Inspector General, Minister Benedito Gonçalves, determined:

  • that the president and the vice candidate be summoned to, within 24 hours, stop broadcasting any electoral propaganda material that is based on the images of the president in the acts of Sete de Setembro in Brasília and in São Paulo, under penalty of a fine of BRL 10 thousand. And that they do not produce new content for the campaign with the actions carried out on the Bicentennial of Independence.

See details of this decision in the video below:

TSE minister prevents Bolsonaro from using images of Sete de Setembro in election campaign

TSE minister prevents Bolsonaro from using images of Sete de Setembro in election campaign

Lawyers for the campaign of the president and vice president Braga Netto stated that it was only after the end of the parade that Bolsonaro began to act as a candidate – and that this conduct was regular.

“It was only after the official agenda had ended – with the factual and legal end of the parade, that the first Investigated, already without the presidential sash, walked towards the public and spoke, as a candidate. other candidates could have done, at that very moment and throughout the whole day!”, he argued.

“If, at this stage of the journey, he hugged spectators and climbed onto three-wheel trains rented by third parties, he did nothing irregular. If he expressed his political ideals, with his own verve, to people who were electorally interested, he did nothing irregular. echo in potential voters who voluntarily remained on public roads (goods for common use by the people!) after the end of the parade, nothing irregular. candidate for President in the October elections,” he added.

The Superior Electoral Court will analyze, this Tuesday (13), whether to maintain the individual decision of the magistrate both in this action and in another similar process presented by the candidate Soraya Thronicke (União).

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