Bruno Tálamo was almost disqualified before his debut

In A Tarde É Sua this Tuesday (13), Sonia Abrão revealed that Bruno Tálamo, a reporter for her show who is in the cast of A Fazenda 2022, was almost disqualified even before the rural reality began. It all happened because Elias Abrão, brother of the presenter and director of the afternoon of RedeTV!, published on Twitter that he would go to the attraction of Record.

“We knew, the director’s mouth even put it on Twitter when he couldn’t. Bruno Tálamo is almost erased from the map of this story, because it can’t leak. He warned us very shortly before the premiere”, she recalled.

The veteran also made it clear that neither she nor her colleagues on the bench imagined that the journalist would accept such a proposal. “He warned us when he was about to go into confinement, it was a surprise for us precisely because it was at the last minute and because no one here ever thought that Bruno Tálamo wanted to participate in a reality show.”

Felipeh Campos said that, as soon as the first rumors emerged that Bruno would be in the pawn cast, he asked his friend and his answer was negative, precisely for fear that the information would leak. “He warned at the last minute, warned that we couldn’t leak the information, and of course we didn’t do that, apart from the director. But he also didn’t know he couldn’t, otherwise the boy would dance”, completed Sonia.

At that moment, Elias used his microphone to speak on the air and made a joke. “Yes, I knew it, I did it on purpose,” he snapped, drawing laughter from his sister and columnists. About the comments that the program could touch Bruno’s head and help him win the reality show, Sonia denied it.

“Of course we want the best for Bruno, he’s on our team. Of course, if he wins, we’ll be very happy. But it’s very different to cheer and protect, wipe. I’m not going to wipe. First, he has That winning our admiration, our fans, is not free. It’s free to wish him all the best. Cheering is that the best wins.”

A Fazenda 2022: Sonia Abrão talks about Bruno Tálamo’s participation

Sonia Abrão with loose hair and a striped blouse in the studio of A Tarde É Sua

This Tuesday morning, Sonia had already published a photo of her reporter, Bruno Tálamo, on Instagram. The post was made for the presenter to comment on his participation in A Fazenda 2022.

“Now it’s official: Bruno Tálamo, our reporter for A Tarde É Sua, is in A Fazenda 14!!! Good luck, peão! having ironed, no! I’m not one of those”, she said.

Bruno Tálamo is one of the participants that were announced only in the preview promoted by Record on Monday night (12). The reporter for A Tarde É Sua covers the world of the famous, but recently gained notoriety because of a nude that circulated on social media.


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