Car with 4-wheel drive jams in the exhaust area of ​​the Ring Road – Gerais

the third time that the Ring Road exhaust area is used (photo: Jair Amaral/EM/DA Press)

An SUV with four-wheel drive got stuck in the exhaust area of ​​the Ring Road on the night of this Tuesday (13/9), in the Olhos D’gua neighborhood, in the West Region of Belo Horizonte.

According to the Military Police, the driver of the car, a Land Rover Defender, stated that the vehicle had malfunctioned as it passed by.

The driver also stated that he did not know about the functionality of the exhaust area and, therefore, entered the stretch with the car by mistake and got stuck on the spot, even with four-wheel drive.

The Military Police and BHTrans accompanied the removal of the vehicle, towed at the end of the night.

The driver, 72 years old, a retired military man, passed a breathalyzer test, which was negative.

The car is overdue for documentation and has been impounded.

exhaust area

This is the third time that the place has been used since it was opened by the city hall of the capital, on August 1st.

Last Sunday night (9/11), a truck lost its brakes and the driver used the exhaust area to stop.

According to information from BHTrans, the driver came from Ub, in Zona da Mata, bound for Brasília. The truck was loaded with 26 tons of furniture.

Before that, on August 16, the exhaust area was used for the first time by a road that lost its brakes. The cart was carrying 26 tons of ore.

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