Ciro Gomes comments on Marina’s rapprochement with Lula

PDT candidate for the presidency, Ciro Gomes commented today on the support declared yesterday by the former minister and candidate for federal deputy for São Paulo Marina Silva (Rede) to former president Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva (PT). Marina justified her support by saying that Brazil is facing a threat to democracy. Ciro criticized the approach.

“Very old news”, he joked, during his visit to Salvador, this afternoon.

With Marina’s support, former president Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva’s (PT) campaign has six 2018 presidential candidates on its side — almost half of the 13 names that ran that year. Lula’s Environment Minister for six years, she left the government and the PT in 2008 amid internal disagreements. She completely broke with Lula’s group after the 2014 elections, when she ran for the PSB, and declared her support for deputy Aécio Neves (PSDB-MG). Yesterday, Marina declared her support for Lula.

One of the main leaders of the campaign of Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva (PT) for the presidency of the Republic, Jilmar Tatto stated that the support of former minister Marina Silva (Rede) for the PT symbolizes “a slap in the face” of the presidential candidate Ciro Gomes (PDT). ).

Ciro also reaffirmed his candidacy and countered criticism from both Lula and Bolsonaro supporters.

“Why am I a candidate? Sorry, does democracy allow me to be a candidate? Do I need to ask someone’s authorization to be a candidate?”, he said.

Also during the press conference held in front of the APAE headquarters, located in the Pituba neighborhood, Ciro criticized his opponents.

“I have a different idea, profoundly and radically from the idea that Lula and Bolsonaro represent for Brazil. Can I be a candidate or not? Or should I ask ‘São’ Lula for permission to be a candidate? now and I’m not even intensifying anything. I consider that Bolsonaro, this tragedy of corruption, this social and economic tragedy, this public health tragedy that Bolsonaro represents, was caused by Lula”, said the pedetista.

Amid criticism of the leaders of polling intentions for this year’s elections, Ciro reinforced his thesis that Bolsonaro is a product of the Workers’ Party’s corruption. “How do you explain that 70% of the people of São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro and Minas Gerais, in round numbers, the entire South, North and the entire Midwest voted for Bolsonaro? Did Bolsonaro have a brilliant biography? No, the Bolsonaro was a mediocre and corrupt deputy of the lowest clergy.”

“In 1993 I asked for Bolsonaro’s arrest and impeachment because I already knew who he was. Later, I was his colleague and denounced Bolsonaro stealing money from an employee’s crack, from office gasoline, and Lula was silent, he was silent. When 2018 arrives, Bolsonaro has 70% of the votes. Have our people suddenly turned into cattle, as Lula calls it? Have our whole people become fascists, as the PT says? No, brother, our people voted hurt by the most extensive economic crisis in the world. history of Brazil, which Lula and his irresponsibility produced, alongside the most serious corruption crisis in history”, concluded Ciro.

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