Confined in The Farm, Shayan has already broken into his ex-wife’s house

Since stepping into Itapecerica da Serra to participate in A Fazenda 14, influencer Shayan has been “causing”, due to his strong personality. But those who think that only in confinement are the Iranians involved in controversies are mistaken. The LeoDias column talked to Gabrielle Plácido, the boy’s ex-stepdaughter, and found out that he has already gotten into a huge beef with his ex-wife.

In 2018, Shayan left his home country, Iran, to marry a Brazilian who lives in São Bernardo do Campo (SP). The two met on a dating app and were together for five years. They lived with this woman’s 13-year-old daughter, and because of Shayan’s outings, she decided to put an end to this story.

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Even apart, they still shared the home, but he had already been warned that he would have to leave the place soon. According to Gabrielle, who talked to the column, the pawn freaked out when he discovered that his bags had already been taken out. The influencer went to the apartment where he lived and smashed the front door with his fists.

“When I saw Instagram [do Shayan] and I saw that he had posted pictures at a club, I woke up and showed it to my mother. She packed his bags and told him he wasn’t coming home anymore. When the mother left for work, she locked the house and there was no way for anyone to open it. Not me inside the house, not him outside. Shayan came in wanting to get in and punched and kicked in the door,” she told the column.

The military police were called to contain Shayan’s spirits, but the famous’s former stepdaughter claims that her mother did not file an OR against him: “I ran to turn on my computer to somehow call my mother because I was very scared . He was just 13 years old at the time. The PM was called but we did not make a report”.

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