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Cruzeiro, although it has not mathematically confirmed access to Serie A of the Brazilian Championship, is planned for 2023. And it makes important changes in the squad, so much so that it confirmed the permanence of the three players who played the most in Serie B.

Rafael Cabral, Lucas Oliveira and Neto Moura are guaranteed for 2023. The team played 29 matches in the national competition, and the goalkeeper was on the field in all of them, while the defender entered the field 27 times, and the midfielder 26.

In the case of Lucas and Neto, Cruzeiro had to make investments. Both arrived with a loan agreement, with purchase options, and will remain definitively, in the molds agreed upon before coming to Toca da Raposa. Oliveira was linked to Atlético-GO, and Neto Moura to Mirassol-SP.

Lucas Oliveira during Cruzeiro training — Photo: Gustavo Aleixo/Cruzeiro

“Bora de Brasileirão! The biggest offer of games for a price that gives game. Sign the Premiere!”

Rafael arrived with a definitive contract at the beginning of the year, but received offers from São Paulo and Sampdoria, from Italy. Financially, more advantageous situations for the player, who agreed to changes in some molds of the Cruzeiro bond from January onwards.

The three can be considered pillars of the cast, at least in the current context. Considering the holders, only Bidu has a loan contract with an option to buy, as well as Oliveira and Neto.

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Cruzeiro has not yet communicated to Guarani, owner of the economic rights of the side, whether it will exercise the purchase for 1.2 million euros (R$ 6.2 million, at the current price). But the contract provides for the club to have the preference, with these values, until the end of Serie B. Therefore, the two clubs are in no hurry to resolve, despite other clubs in Serie A having sounded out the athlete.

Filipe Machado is another who has a contract only for this year. In his case, a definitive link with Cruzeiro. It is in the player’s interest to remain in the Toca. The technical commission evaluates the athlete well, thinking about the 2023 project, but the permanence will depend on how the agreement will be sewn. The steering wheel staff had a first meeting with the club, and further conversations will take place to address the matter.

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Machado was announced before the arrival of the SAF, retained after review by the current management team, as it fits Pezzolano’s style of play and also the club’s financial demands. He became a starter with the injury of Willian Oliveira, a condition maintained even with the return of his position partner to the matches. Willian, loaned to Cruzeiro by Ceará, will be free on the market from January.

Zé Ivaldo, another absolute starter, is also on loan, and there is no purchase option provided for in the agreement with Athletico-PR, as is the case with Jajá. The defender has a contract with the club from Paraná until the end of 2023, while the striker has a contract until February 2025.

5 Star Partner – Cruzeiro — Photo: Publicity

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