End: Edmundo tries once more, asks Batista for Bianca’s hand and gets an unexpected answer: “grant me your hand”

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In The Carnation and the Rose, Edmund (Angelo Antonio) fell in love for Bianca (Leandra Leal) since the first time he saw her. Gradually, the two became closer and closer, however, as he is not a man of good social standing, he suffered prejudice from Batista (Luis Melo). To make matters worse, Heitor (Rodrigo Faro) also did everything to destroy him, as he wanted to marry Bianca.

In the last chapters of the novel, however, Edmundo will finally be able to have a happy ending. He will ask Batista for Bianca’s hand. At first, the banker will pretend to be misunderstanding the professor’s visit: “What do you want, professor?”. “Nothing from you sir”, will answer the good guy.

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Then Catarina will enter the conversation and say that Dinorá (Maria Padilha) confessed everything she did to disrupt Edmundo’s life. “And it was because of everything they did against him that he ended up in jail”, the “beast” will justify. “Now that you know that love is capable of anything, don’t think about dowry anymore, don’t think about marrying Bianca to anyone who is rich”, will ask Petruchio’s wife (Eduardo Moscovis).

Despite being reluctant, Joana will scold her beloved: “The teacher is a good man! And the teacher is going to marry Bianca anyway.” With no way out, Batista will accept: “Boy, at least make the request”, he will say. “Doctor Batista, will you grant me Bianca’s hand in marriage?” the professor asks. “Yes,” he will finish, to everyone’s delight.

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