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Facebook announced on Tuesday (13) a feature for group members to chat in real time via text, audio or video. Community Chats, as it’s called, will begin testing over the next few weeks and then roll out to more users.

Meta, the parent company of Facebook, said that Community Chats will gradually roll out around the world. “We hope to launch the feature in Brazil next year,” the company said in a note to g1.

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The functionality will appear in Messenger, which can be used to access Facebook groups. Users will have the option to exchange messages in real time and open audio channels with other participants in these communities.

In the Community Chats announcement, Facebook said that the new feature allows people to connect in real-time with groups in a variety of formats.

“Group admins can now start a conversation on a topic and get responses right away, instead of waiting for people to comment on a post.”

Live chats can be organized into categories so that group members can easily find the “rooms” that are most interesting to them.

The creation of the chats will be defined by the group administrators, who will be able to define the levels of the conversations:

  • Publicwhich can be used for group members to get to know each other;
  • restrictedaimed at conversations between administrators and moderators;
  • visualizationuseful for sharing announcements about the group, for example.

Facebook Community Chats — Photo: Disclosure/Facebook

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Admins can also create audio channels to allow chatting between group members. When these channels are active, you can also enable video.

“For example, the administrator of a Facebook group for chemistry students can create audio channels for study groups during exam period, and participants can activate video for live classes,” Facebook says.

The social network claims that it has created moderation features to prevent unwanted behavior in chats. Administrators can block, mute, suspend and remove members from groups, as well as set up a wizard to take these actions automatically.

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