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There were people who doubted that this day would come, but Ferrari surrendered to the world trend and finally revealed your first SUV – also the first four-door, four-seater car in its 75-year history. To try to calm the spirits of purists, the brand refutes the title and says that the brand new Purosangue, which really mixes crossover elements with station wagon, will be a unique utility on the market.

Admit it to Ferrari or not, the truth is that Purosangue is a paradigm change for the world’s most iconic super sports car manufacturer. And even those who turn up their noses at SUVs have to admit that the brand has not neglected the newcomer’s look – much less the performance. That way, we can anticipate what future owners (at least those who aren’t prejudiced against the taller bodywork…) might be eager to get their hands on.

Ferrari Purosangue is equipped with a naturally aspirated V12 engine – and without a hybrid system — Photo: Disclosure

And why does Ferrari say that the Purosangue (or would it be the Purosangue, since Ferrari cars have always been treated in the feminine?) is not a typical SUV? There is an explanation. In models in this segment, the engine is mounted at the front with the gearbox directly coupled to it, which impairs weight distribution and vehicle dynamics.

Panel is the same used on the SF90 Stradale — Photo: Disclosure

In the case of Italian, the engine is front, but the gearbox goes to the rearwith a power transfer unit in front of the engine to create a set of all-wheel drive. This guarantees a 49:51 weight distribution, considered ideal by the engineers of Maranello. The model also does not have such a high height in relation to the ground so as not to increase the center of gravity too much, which also influences drivability.

Suicide doors are very common in Rolls-Royce models, but unprecedented in Ferrari – Photo: Disclosure

Speaking of the power train, in Purosangue it is formed by the consecrated engine V12 6.5 of the brand, which delivers 725 hp at 7,750 rpm and 73.1 kgfm at 6,250 rpm (although Ferrari guarantees that 80% of the torque is delivered at 2,100 rpm) and at eight-speed dual clutch gearbox – who expected a hybrid, had their expectations dashed. With this set, you reach the 310 km/h top speedaccelerate from 0 to 100 km/h in 3.3 seconds and even the 200 km/h in 10.6 seconds.

Ferrari Purosangue has a style very similar to that of Roma – Photo: Disclosure

Made of high strength aluminum and steel, the Chassis is brand new and has carbon fiber roof to help with weight loss. The model also uses several aerodynamic solutions so that the silhouette forms air curtains to reduce drag and result in a performance as close as possible to the brand’s consecrated sports cars.

When it comes to style, the Italian SUV has clear inspiration in Rome, with the same shape of headlights and taillights, rising waistline, quad exhaust outlet and rear diffuser. The wheels are from 22 inches front and 23 inches rear.

There are four exhaust outlets to drain the V12’s roar — Photo: Disclosure

But for being a four-seater car, the doors bring a curiosity: they are made in the suicidal stylethat is, each one opens to a different side to give more space to those who board behind – a solution widely used in Rolls Royce cars.

inside, the inspiration comes from the SF90 Stradalewith the same digital instrument panel with 10.2″ screen. four banks are individual and can be electrically adjusted and reclined, as well as heated. And in the wave of sustainability, the cabin has 85% recyclable materials composition, such as upholstery, rugs and ceiling coverings. The rugs, by the way, can be made of bulletproof fabric used in military uniforms, much more resistant and durable.

For the first time Ferrari will have individual rear seats – Photo: Disclosure

The Purosangue will arrive one Latecomer in the luxury SUV squad, which has representatives such as Lamborghini Urus, Rolls-Royce Cullinan, Bentley Bentayga, Aston Martin DBX, Maserati Levante and even the veteran Porsche Cayenne, still rejected by fans of the German brand, despite being one of its best-selling models today. . Even though, should be one of the most coveted models in the segment, accumulating queues to take him home. Now all that’s left is for McLaren to surrender to the charms (and recipes) of this universe…

Prices or debut have not yet been released, but the expectation is that the model will hit stores next year and cost around 350 thousand eurosor approximately BRL 1.8 million at the current quote.

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