“First time my kids really respected me”


The actor participated in the program this Tuesday (13)

Photo 1: Reproduction/Globo |  Photo 2: Reproduction/Official Instagram of Anitta
Photo 1: Reproduction/Globo | Photo 2: Reproduction/Official Instagram of Anitta

The actor Murilo Beníciocurrently on the air as Tenório in “Pantanal”was the special guest at breakfast with Ana Maria Braga this Tuesday (13). During the chat with the presenter and friend Gabriel Sater, interpreter of Trindade in the telenovela, he reacted with good humor to a song he received from Anitta on social media.

“What’s up, guys? Are you single? Because I don’t want to be lusting after someone else’s boy”, commented the singer in an internet publication that praised the global heartthrob, showing several scenes of Murilo in different plots. Asked by Ana Maria, the actor commented on the repercussion: “It was the first time my kids really respected me,” declared, drawing laughter from Ana, Gabriel Sater and Louro Mané, the program’s mascot.

And followed: “My son: ‘Did you see what Anitta said about you?’ Even more coming from a person who brings so much pride to our country. She is a hurricane, can you imagine a person like that praises you? I was very happy. She gives a bath of self-esteem “, said he, who is the father of Antonio, 25, from his union with Alessandra Negrini, and Pietro, 16, from his marriage to Giovanna Antonelli.

Murilo Benício also commented on Anitta’s talent, highlighting the importance of the Brazilian muse in the artistic world: “She is a person who brings pride to the country. She is a source of pride for Brazil and won an unprecedented award for Brazil. I’m a fan of hers” declared.

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