Guns N’ Roses in BH: how is the traffic around Mineiro – Gerais

In the photo, the band Guns N 'Rose during a concert
It is expected that the band’s return to the capital of Minas Gerais, after eight years, will attract 28,000 people. (photo: JL Rosa/TheNews2/Folhapress)

With the show of the North American rock band Guns N’ Roses, this Tuesday (13/9), in Mineiro, Belo Horizonte, the traffic in the surroundings will undergo some changes from 16:00 onwards. The forecast is that the band’s return to the capital of Minas Gerais, after eight years, will attract 28,000 people.

According to BHTrans, the traffic operation will have actions aimed at improving safety conditions for pedestrians and drivers before and after the Guns show, which will start at 9 pm. “As people start arriving around 5 pm, having an increase in vehicles circulating at the time of rush. Therefore, everyone who passes through the region needs to be aware,” he said.

As of 8 pm yesterday, area reservations – parking bans – were implemented in the inner and outer ring of the stadium to ensure the flow of traffic and parking spaces for taxis, vehicles, the elderly and people with disabilities.

The direction of traffic on the inner lane of Av. Antnio Abraho Caram will be changed to facilitate access to parking lots. Therefore, at 17:00 the intersection of the avenue and Av. Colonel Oscar Paschoal, towards Av. President Antonio Carlos.

In addition, bus lines 64, 67, 5106, 5401, 503, 504, S-53, S-54A, S-54B and S-56 serve the surroundings of Mineiro.

See all traffic changes

In the photo, map of the surroundings of Mineir
Check the traffic changes made this Tuesday (13/9) (photo: PBH/Art)

Taxi and parking for caravans

Taxis, on the other hand, will be able to use Move’s exclusive lanes to travel towards the stadium. Taxi points will be placed at the following locations:

  • Av. Antnio Abraho Caram, between Alameda das Palmeiras and Av. Col Oscar Paschoal;
  • Av. Cell Oscar Paschoal in front of the main hall;
  • Av. ‘C’ with Av. Antonio Abraho Caram.

In the case of parking for caravan vehicles (buses and vans) it will be possible to access the following locations:

  • Av. pres. Carlos Luz from the ‘needle’ to the inner lane to the beginning of Av. Ç;
  • Av. Chaffir Ferreira between Av. das Palmeiras and Av. Otaclio Negro de Lima;
  • Av. Antnio Abraho Caram after the taxi stop, towards Av. Antonio Carlos.

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