“I want to win in the 1st round”

Former President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva (PT) made an appeal this Tuesday (13.Sep.2022) for activists in his campaign for the Presidency of the Republic to reinforce on social networks and at electoral events the importance of appearing to vote in the election day. For the PT, the historical high abstention in Brazilian elections is “a serious problem”. It also reinforced the need to win the election in the 1st round.

“Those who don’t vote lose some of the authority to charge those who were elected. It is important to participate in the process, even those who want to abstain from voting, these people have thought for the family, for the country, they have a desire and a mirror for the type of life they want for their family and this is very much linked to the type of policy that can be made in Brazil”said.

Lula participated in a closed virtual meeting with more than 6,000 communicators linked to allied parties, trade union centrals, popular committees and social movements. O Power 360 accompanied the meeting. The idea was to mobilize the group in the final stretch of the electoral campaign and define action strategies.

The former president said he believed it was possible to win the elections in the 1st round, which will be held on October 2. “There are people who are ashamed to say they want to win in the 1st round because it looks superb. Not. I never made an election to win in the 2nd round. All the ones I participated in, since 1989, I wanted to win in the 1st round. I just didn’t win because the people didn’t want to”said.

“If there is a candidate who has 1% [de intenção de voto] and he believes he will win, I who have 46% have to believe that it is possible in these next 20 days to win the 4% of votes that remain”, completed, in a veiled nod to Ciro Gomes (PDT). The PT campaign has made an effort to try to advance on the pedestrian voters with the argument of useful vote.

The Ipec (formerly Ibope) poll released on Monday (12.Sep.2022) encouraged the Lula team to resume the pressure for victory in the 1st round, even appealing to the so-called useful vote when trying to dehydrate other candidates, especially Ciro Gomes (PDT). In the survey, Lula appeared with 46% of voting intentions, against 31% for President Jair Bolsonaro (PL), who is seeking re-election.

At the meeting with communicators, Lula also stated that his eventual victory in the 1st round of the elections would serve to “give a moral lesson in those who do not believe in democracy and in the human being.

Possibly it is necessary for us to win in the 1st round to teach a moral lesson to people who do not believe in democracy, who do not believe in human beings, to people who do not like trade unionists, black people, women, solidarity, who do not know how to extend the hand to the next in a fraternal way”, said.

Search PowerDate held from September 4 to 6, 2022 showed that Lula has an advantage of 6 percentage points over President Jair Bolsonaro (PL) in the 1st round. The PT has 43%; the president scores 37%.

Ciro Gomes (PDT) has 8%. Technically ties with Simone Tebet (MDB), who has 5%, in the margin of error of 2 percentage points. The other candidates did not have enough mentions to score.

The survey was carried out by PowerDategroup company Power 360 Journalism, with its own resources. Data were collected from September 4 to 6, 2022, through calls to cell phones and landlines. There were 3,500 interviews in 317 municipalities in the 27 units of the Federation. The margin of error is 2 percentage points. The confidence interval is 95%. The TSE registration is BR-03760/2022.

Lula also said that there are real prospects of also electing governors in important states, such as São Paulo, where the PT has Fernando Haddad in 1st place in the dispute.

The PT candidate also mentioned Minas Gerais and Rio de Janeiro, but in these 2 states, the candidates supported by him, Alexandre Kalil (PSD) and Marcelo Freixo (PSB) face difficulties and are in 2nd place in the polls. “It is no small thing that can happen in these 2022 elections″, said.

The former president also urged allies to share videos of personalities and celebrities who publicly support him as much as possible. He classified as “exceptional” the video published by former football player Raí with a statement of support for his candidacy.

“You have to make these videos publicized hundreds of times all over Brazil. You cannot put it just once, you have to disseminate it in the PT networks, the parties that make up our front and the movements to convince people who still have a lot of doubt”said.

Lula also compared the final stretch of the campaign with the arrival of spring, which will be on the eve of the election. “This month is fit for a sentence. The powerful or our adversaries may try to kill one, two or three roses, but they will not be able to stop the arrival of spring.” said.

The former president also defended that, in addition to the recovery of the country’s economy, with reindustrialization and job creation, it will be necessary to resume the “nice way to live”.

Lula urged the militants to work “almost 24 hours” a day in the final stretch of the campaign, that they do not fall for provocations or make “low game”. He also asked his supporters to “let the feeling out” to do “lighter communication and that speaks directly to people”.

“We don’t want to lose our feeling, our humanism. That’s what we have to put in our messages when talking to people. The guy who works with robot has no feeling, no humanism, no solidarity. We need to put into each message what touches the human species most deeply, which is the heart. That’s why talking about family, love, hope is so important in these last days. […] Sometimes we are trying to convince people by reason, when people are emotion”said.

At the end of the meeting, Lula’s wife, sociologist Rosângela da Silva, known as Janja, said that it is better from a strategic point of view to use the term “win votes” than “turn votes”. He also stated that he believed in a victory in the 1st round.

“From here until the 2nd [de outubro] I only speak in the 1st round, I will not speak in the 2nd round anymore”, said. “There is very little left for us to get out of this nightmare of Brazilian history and start thinking about rebuilding the Brazil of hope”he added.

Janja also said that she and the coordination of the PT campaign are preparing a great action, which will be carried out virtually and in person, lasting about 4 hours. She, however, did not give more details about what the event will be.

According to the campaign’s communication coordinator, Edinho Silva, there is an expectation that around 20,000 people will participate in this act.

The core of the campaign also plans to intensify actions, both on the streets and on social media, in the last 13 days before the 1st round, from September 19 to October 1.

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