In June, MS judge removed anklet from man with CAC record who shot ex and son to death in SP | Mato Grosso do Sul

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According to the action to which the g1 had access, the Justice understood that, as there was no use of weapons in the threats and as he was a first-time defendant, provisional release would be appropriate, but with monitoring.

However, on June 24, the decision was revoked at his request. According to the court, the measure was granted because the ex-wife no longer lived in the same state.

O g1 contacted the Court of Justice of Mato Grosso do Sul, which has not yet commented on the judicial decisions.

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Ezequiel Lemos Ramos had “easy access to firearms and a real arsenal”, as described by a delegate from Mato Grosso do Sul who had asked for his arrest in May (read below). The man was authorized to have weapons with CAC registration (gun collector, marksman and hunter).

Deputy Marianne Cristine de Sousa, who works in Ponta Porã, had asked the court four months ago for the man to be arrested after Michelli Nicolich, who was 37 years old, filed a police report against him for having threatened to shoot him in the head. her.

In the BO, the woman even informed the police that her then husband had killed three people. The delegate also asked that he have his authorization to carry a weapon suspended. Ezequiel had documents to own a rifle, a pistol and a carbine, according to police.

“The accused, with easy access to firearms and a veritable arsenal, could at any time take the life of his partner and his two minor children, so it is clear that he may continue to commit a criminal offense during the criminal prosecution. case kept at liberty, in view of the news provided by the victim that the author has already killed about three people and continued unpunished, moving to another city”, said the delegate in May.

Justice released electronic anklet

The criminal’s preventive detention was decreed that month, when he was forbidden to approach his family. However, on July 1, the court ordered his release, based on the CAC documents taken by the defense and the fact that Ezequiel was a first-time defendant.

As a measure for him to remain free, he was ordered not to speak to Michelli, not to leave Ponta Porã without authorization and to wear an electronic ankle bracelet for 180 days. The man, however, only kept the monitoring device until July 13, as the use was released by the court due to the fact that Michelli had left the state.

Michelli left Ponta Porã and moved to São Paulo to stay away from her ex. Months later, on Monday, she was shot dead with a carbine, along with her 2-year-old son, when they were in the car outside the children’s school.

School of medicine paid for by the woman

Michelli Nicolich was shot dead by her ex-husband Ezequiel Lemos Ramos, who also killed the ex-couple’s youngest son – Photo: Reproduction/Personal archive

Ezequiel was a fourth-year medical student, as he himself told the police, and lived for 5 years in Ponta Porã (MS), a city that borders Pedro Juan Caballero, in Paraguay. According to Michelli, she was the one who paid for the course.

The victim also said that she had been with Ezequiel for five years, and that she had lived in Ponta Porã for three years so that Ezequiel could study medicine in the neighboring Paraguayan city.

Still in testimony, the ex-wife had stated that her husband had already murdered three people, but there is no evidence of the crime.

Michelli also told the police that he would return to São Paulo, where he was born. He also stated that he was afraid that Ezequiel would get out of jail and “complete the threats” he made to her after a jealousy crisis.

After Ezequiel was arrested in the act for killing his wife and youngest son, the Civil Police of São Paulo asked the Justice for his preventive detention.

The man is expected to undergo a custody hearing on Tuesday (13). The court will decide whether to keep him in prison indefinitely, as the police wants, or even a possible trial.

The Public Ministry (MP) will also have to express its opinion on the request for preventive detention. Until the last update of this report, there was no judicial decision on the matter.

On May 20, the Ponta Porã justice decreed the conversion of Ezequiel’s arrest into the act of preventive detention — Photo: DAM Ponta Porã/Disclosure

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