Iranian attack drone shot down over Ukraine

An Iranian Shahed-136 fighter UAV was shot down over Ukraine, lending credence to American claims that Iran is supplying drones to Russia.

The Ukrainian Defense Ministry posted an image of the Iranian-made drone destroyed in the city of Kupiansk, Kharkiv Oblast, on September 13. The remains of the device show Cyrillic inscriptions – ?214 Geran-2, showing the apparent remains of what looks a lot like a wandering Iranian Shahed-136 munition, or ‘suicide’ drone, allegedly found in eastern Ukraine.

Analysis of the wing elements suggests that the aircraft could be the Shahed-136 kamikaze UAV, which is reported to have a range of around 2,000 km.

“Analysis of the appearance of the drone’s wing elements allows us to confidently state that the Armed Forces of Ukraine destroyed an Iranian UAV for the first time,” the statement adds.

In late 2021, Tehran demonstrated the possibility of multiple launch of these idle munitions from a launcher disguised as a freight car container.

The commander of Iran’s Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC), Major General Hussein Salami, recently confirmed that the country has sold homemade weapons to foreign customers, “including some of the world’s major powers.” He did not name which countries purchased Iranian military equipment and the type of weapons sold.

The US believes Russia is deploying Iranian-made drones against Ukraine. In July, US President’s national security adviser Jake Sullivan claimed that Iran was reportedly preparing to supply Moscow with several hundred UAVs, including attack UAVs, on an accelerated basis.

“We have information that indicates that the Iranian government is preparing to deliver to Russia several hundred UAVs, including attack ones, in an accelerated manner,” Sullivan noted.

Iran has produced several drones, including the Mohajer-6, Shahed-129 and Shahed-191, some of which were used to attack US and allied military bases in the Middle East, oil refineries and other facilities. They have been seen in military conflicts in Syria, Yemen and Iraq.

According to flight tracking portal Flightradar, at least three flights by large cargo planes from Iran to Russia have been seen in recent weeks.

US government sources told CNN in August that intelligence on the training was recently declassified. “In recent weeks, Russian officials have been conducting training in Iran as part of the agreement on the transfer of UAVs from Iran to Russia,” the newspaper reported, citing an American official familiar with the situation.

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