IRB (IRBR3): shareholder seeks compensation of BRL 807,400 for losses caused by the fall in assets

In a notice to the market last Tuesday night (14), the IRB (IRBR3) provided information about the arbitration procedure CAM No. 224/22, whose claimant is Everton George dos Santos. He is a shareholder of IRB and sues the company, asking for compensation of R$ 807,430.80 (R$ 807,43 thousand).

Santos reported having acquired shares issued by the company between June 9, 2020 and April 20, 2021, and was later surprised by the disclosure, by IRB Brasil RE itself, of: (i) information about the result of internal investigations that they would have found irregularities in the payment of alleged bonuses; (ii) new versions of financial statements from previous years, with irregularities committed; and (iii) disclosure of information
untrue on the shareholding base.

“Thus, the applicant claims that the shares issued by the company acquired by him showed a strong devaluation
as a result of these alleged facts, which is why the applicant requests that the company pay him compensation”, highlighted the company.

The requests are for the condemnation of the company to pay the loss allegedly suffered by the applicant, in the amount of R$ 787,430 thousand, with monetary restatement and correction; (ii) condemnation of the company to pay moral damages for the damage allegedly suffered by the claimant, in the amount of R$ 20 thousand; (iii) reversal of the burden of proof, so that the company can demonstrate that it has taken steps to repair the damage allegedly suffered; and (iii) condemnation to pay the loss of suit, procedural costs, fees arising from the
arbitration procedure and attorney’s fees, to be arbitrated at 20% of the value of the case.

In 2020, the shares collapsed amid allegations by the manager Squadra of a series of inconsistencies in the company’s balance sheet, in addition to the misleading news that Warren Buffett would have bought shares in the company, information later denied by Berkshire Hathaway, the American mega-investor, increasing the a credibility crisis for the company and leading to the departure of important executives. This year, the shares are down 69%, with a new capitalization being necessary for the company to re-frame the regulatory requirements.

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