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Last week, the country’s Armed Forces took back from the Russians about 6,000 square kilometers of territory in the province where the important city of Kharkiv is located. A triumph the likes of which had not been seen since April, when the invading army was forced to give up the siege of the capital, Kiev. “The help that the US has been providing to Ukraine, through medium-range artillery and intelligence, is key to understanding this victory”, says Felipe Loureiro, coordinator of the International Relations course at USP. In conversation with Renata Lo Prete, the professor assesses that two objectives were met. First, “convincing the West that aid is essential and must continue.” And also “preventing Russia from holding referendums in occupied areas in the east, which could legitimize the presence of its troops.” In Moscow, the Ukrainian recovery makes different internal pressures on Vladmir Putin, including from ultranationalist sectors that defend intensifying the conflict that started in February. For Loureiro, the most likely scenario is still that of a war that continues to drag on, but now in a “third phase”. evaluates, it will be with the Ukrainians “the initiative to decide where the confrontation will take place”.

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