Ivete Sangalo’s husband talks about his first sex with her: ‘Out of the ordinary’

Ivete Sangalo’s husband, Daniel Cady, 37, opened the game and told how his first night of sex with the singer was. According to the nutritionist in an interview with the podcast “Penetrapod”, the first time between them was something “out of the ordinary”.

The two met when the singer, 50, invited Daniel to be her personal nutritionist.

“I was in the building where she still lives and I met her. She asked if I could go on a diet for her, but I was still a student at the time. She ended up getting my contact and a while later she called me, after a show, asking me for help. I called the hotel she was at and spoke to the kitchen to check the menu options, and then I told her. I started working with her,” he said.

After this episode, the artist hired Daniel to keep her diet balanced and regulated. “I took it seriously. My first client, patient was Ivete. She was always in that humility, very polite. I went to train with her, her personal was very good. I evaluated her, and I was afraid because she was still a student”, he said.

With their socializing while they swam together, the two grew closer and he ended up falling in love.

“We started to become friends, I was already stoked on her and thinking that ‘this woman is famous, she could have anyone on her side, the best professional’ and she is treating me with such respect, trusting my work, super good and playful people. You can’t help but fall in love, a hottie, a fucking hot woman”, he said.

However, he believed that he would not be taken seriously due to still being a student and the age difference. “Gee, 23 years old, 13 years apart. I’m a kid, young, a nutrition student, with an old car”, he said, who was also worried if the signal would advance in his work environment.

As the relationship between the nutritionist and the artist was strictly professional, he stated that it took a while for one of the two to take the initiative. In this case, Daniel also added that the invitation came from Ivete. “She asked me to see a movie,” Daniel said. Soon, he said that the weather warmed up and the two began to kiss.

“I hugged her. That squirm and roll, I kissed her, falling over the sofa. Afterwards, we held each other and it seemed that we had been together for a long time. There was an intimacy that was out of the ordinary. It was as if we were husband and wife. This had never happened before”, he said.

In the chat, Daniel also said that the artist warned about everything he would face and need to deal with from the moment he assumed the relationship with her. She also asked him to keep their relationship a secret for a while.

“She said: ‘People will look for you, go to your house, go pursue”, said he, who was going to work out with her and continued the work for which he had been hired until then.

After three months since the first night, the nutritionist stated that they sat down to talk and understand what was going on between the two. “I asked her what was going on between us and she said: ‘You are going to be the father of my children. Are you willing to have a child?’ my life too,” he said.

Two weeks later, Ivete became pregnant, but suffered a miscarriage, which caused a difficult phase after the loss. However, after a month, the singer became pregnant again, this time with Marcelo, the couple’s first child, now 12 years old.

“Since then, things have been settling down. It’s something I can’t even explain,” he said.

In addition to Marcelo, the couple also has twins Helena and Marina, 4.

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