King Charles III has already claimed to be a relative of Count Dracula: ‘The genealogy shows’ – News

The royal family has connections with several countries in Europe, including Romania. But what many people don’t know is that King Charles III once claimed to be a relative of Count Dracula.

“The genealogy shows that I am a descendant of Vlad the Impaler,” said the British monarch, according to information from the ABC News television channel.

Vlad the Impaler, also known as Vlad Tepes and Vlad 3rd Dracula, lived in the 15th century and is known to have been cruel to enemies and impaled them. As a result, the historical figure inspired the 1897 novel Draculaby Bram Stoker.

In 1462, after a battle, Vlad left a field full of thousands of impaled victims. More than 530 years later, in 1998, King Charles III discovered that he had ties to the Romanian ruler.

A family tree in the book The British Chronicleswritten by David Hughes, supports this claim, according to the British portal Cornwall Live. “It’s also no secret that Prince Charles is very fond of Romania, especially the Transylvania region. It was after his first visit to Transylvania in 1998 that he discovered his connection to Vlad the Impaler, a connection he is apparently very fond of. proud”.

The monarch still owns several properties in Transylvania, which reinforces the kinship with Vlad the Impaler. Elizabeth II’s great-great-grandmother, the Hungarian Countess Klaudia Rhedey, was also born and raised there.

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