Last round of FPX and XSET will be redone

An extremely complicated situation is unfolding in the VALORANT Champions 2022. The last round of the match between FunPlus Phoenix and XSET will be redone. THE Riot Games confirmed the information hours after the end of this Tuesday (13) of the match, after finding a bug that decided the round and the series.

In the final round of the match, a bug caused Killjoy’s Turret to fire in the wrong direction. This resulted in false information directly leading an XSET player to look in the wrong direction and had a high level of potential impact on XSET losing the round and match. The final round will be repeated“, the statement said.

The problem began to circulate on social media shortly after the series ended. In the last round of the match, XSET defended itself in a post-plant situation. However, due to a bug in Killjoy’s Turret, American players looked in another direction, helping FPX to retake and close the series 13-11.

Riot has not confirmed when the round will be redone. However, the series is expected to take place this Tuesday. That’s because the players have already returned to the stage and are reassembling the equipment. Look:

The match is worth survival in Champions 2022. The winning team faces the DRX next Friday (16).

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