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No time to listen to the endless audios they send you on WhatsApp? Know that there are ways to transcribe the audios you receive in the app. Although the messenger does not have a native feature, it is possible to use third-party tools.

With that in mind, g1 has gathered three options that convert WhatsApp audios into text and a step-by-step guide on how to use them. The list includes apps for Android and iPhone, as well as an assistant that works in the messaging app itself.

  • turnText
  • voiceguru
  • Transcriber

The service “ViraTexto”, from the company Take Blip, offers a chatbot that works as a contact within WhatsApp. He receives the audio and manages to reply with another message transformed into text.

The tool does the transcription for free and accepts audios of up to 4 minutes. It is only available for voice messages in Portuguese.

ViraTexto turns WhatsApp audios into text — Photo: Reproduction / WhatsApp

According to Take Blip’s director of research and innovation Milton Stiilpen, all data received by the chatbot “is treated confidentially and stored securely”.

Because it is an external tool, some users may have privacy concerns. Take Blip reported that the “ViraTexto contact on WhatsApp is a verified account, that is, it has the green seal that guarantees that this is an official account”.

The company stated that the data is stored temporarily, in accordance with the purpose of use and the provisions of the General Data Protection Law (LGPD). Here’s how to use ViraTexto:

  1. Add the number (31) 97228-0540 as a contact on WhatsApp;
  2. start a conversation with the chatbot (can be by audio or text);
  3. Carefully read the terms of use of the service;
  4. To proceed, tap “I agree“;
  5. Send or forward audios to receive the transcript.

Voiceguru uses artificial intelligence to convert audios into texts — Photo: Reproduction / Voiceguru

Voiceguru also uses artificial intelligence to convert audio into text and supports over 120 languages ​​including Portuguese.

The process is done automatically and, according to Voiceguru, no one listens or manipulates any audio.

“All texts and audios remain on your cell phone, stored locally and Voiceguru, after transcribing or accelerating the audio, will no longer have access to any information,” the company said.

The application is available on Android and iPhone with free download and subscription options. According to Voiceguru, the tool is free for people with hearing impairment. Learn how to use the app:

  1. Select an audio message in the WhatsApp conversation;
  2. Then select “To forward“;
  3. Select the language transcription and wait for transcription.

Transcriber makes the transcription through the content application with up to one minute — Photo: Reproduction / Transcriber

Transcriber for WhatsApp is free for Android and makes the transcription of content with up to one minute. It supports multiple languages ​​including Portuguese.

Depending on the size of the audio, the conversion may take a few minutes. When the process is finished, the transcript will be displayed in another window. The app allows you to view a history of voice messages that have been turned into text.

The app does transcripts through Wit.ai, a Facebook service, shows ads and offers paid features. Here’s how to use it:

  1. Select an audio message in the WhatsApp conversation;
  2. Tap the three dots;
  3. Choose the option “Share“;
  4. Select the “Transcriber” from the list;
  5. Select “Transcribe” and tap “OK”.

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