Man undergoes surgery to remove 7cm ball stuck in anus

A 51-year-old Jordanian man underwent emergency surgery to remove a 7-centimeter-diameter plastic ball, equivalent to the size of a tennis ball, that had become stuck in his rectum. Reported in the International Journal of Surgery Case Reports, the case was reported by The Sun on Tuesday (13/9).

The patient, who has not been named, was accompanied by his wife to Princess Basma University Hospital in Irbid two days after the incident, after unsuccessful attempts to remove the ball from the anus with the help of a spoon and a screwdriver.

The ball, which was part of a vacuum cleaner, got stuck in the patient’s pelvis. He told doctors that he introduced the object into his own body in hopes of solving a problem with hemorrhoids. The team reported, however, that they found no evidence of this health condition.

Doctors tried to remove the object manually, with the help of lubricant, but were unsuccessful. Then they tried to remove it through the patient’s stomach, pushing the ball down so it came out through the rectum, but those attempts also failed.

“Unfortunately, the foreign body was firmly attached to the pelvis, moving the impacted ball upwards,” the doctors wrote in the article.

Ultimately, the team chose to cut the ball into three smaller pieces with the help of an electric drill inserted into the patient’s anus. The procedure lasted seven hours. After having all the pieces removed from the body and recovering from the surgery, the patient was discharged.

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