Rosa Weber’s tough messages to those who attack the STF – Politica

Rosa Weber and the STF headquarters
(photo: Assembly/Correio Brasiliense)

“The inauguration of Minister Rosa Weber in the Presidency of the Federal Supreme Court (STF) was a volley of messages for those who attack the Supreme Court above the tone of freedom of expression or who are considering drastic measures in the event of an unfavorable electoral result”, says the Blog. from Denise, from Brazilian Mail. “In all speeches, reminders about the role of the Supreme as guardian of the Constitution and democracy.”
Denise Rothenburg recalls that “the audience also did not stop cheering, with effusive applause, at least 12 moments of the speech of the new president of the STF, especially in the mentions of the electoral process, under the ‘firm command of Minister Alexandre de Moraes in the Superior Court ‘, ‘autonomy and independence of the STF, which override individuals and authorities’, and the constituted powers – ‘without a free and strong Judiciary, independence between the Powers and a free press, there is no democracy'”.

The journalist points out that “the enthusiastic applause also came from the presidents of the Chamber, Arthur Lira (PP-AL), and of the Senate, Rodrigo Pacheco (PSD-MG), and the military present. ground in the ongoing electoral process. Whoever wins, govern.”

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