See details of the lawsuit filed by Abel Ferreira, from Palmeiras, against Mauro Cezar

O THROW! had access to the lawsuit filed by coach Abel Ferreira, from Palmeiras, against journalist Mauro Cezar Pereira and radio station “Jovem Pan”. The reason for the lawsuit would be the opinion of the journalist given in a program of the station. Mauro said that the Portuguese would have a “colonizer’s vision”. In the document, the trainer demands a public retraction from the defendants.

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– The Author (Mauro Cezar), only and only, issued an opinion that is conjugated by the entire Brazilian people regarding the educational formation of young people in our country. Despite the evident reasonableness of the speech formulated, unfortunately, Mr. Abel Ferreira became the target of criticism, especially from people like Corréu, who disguised as a supposed impartial opinion, actually sought to harm the Author’s honor, in a completely unjustified way – describes the prosecution document.


The action was filed at the 17th Civil Court of São Paulo, this Monday, two months after the journalist’s statement. In July, Abel commented on a case of indiscipline by Gabriel Veron, who had been caught drinking at a party.

The coach, who asked for compensation of R$ 50 thousand for moral damages, would have been offended by the term used by the journalist. According to the coach’s lawyers, the criticism was made against “Brazil’s basic education, whose deficiency is notorious”. When echoing the speech, Mauro Cezar stated that Abel’s opinion would be different if the player involved in indiscipline was a foreigner, using the argument to justify the speech of “settler’s vision”.

– The Journalist in question, without hearing the full answer given by the Author, uttered insulting speeches towards the Author, with xenophobic connotations, claiming that the opinion of Mr. Abel Ferreira regarding the athlete Gabriel Veron was a “colonizer’s vision”. Indeed, Corréu treated the author’s nationality in a pejorative tone and compared his comment – ​​let it be said again, just exposing what all the Brazilian people think – to acts of colonization that took place over 500 years ago.

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The suit also reports a passivity of “Young Pan” in the episode. The comments issued by Mauro Cezar and broadcast on the radio would have “extrapolated the freedom of the press”, thus, “violating the honor” of the coach alviverde.

– However, there is no doubt that the expressions and connotation used by Mr. Mauro Cezar were discrediting and had the sole intention of achieving the Author’s honor. Corréu compared the reasonable opinion of Mr. Abel Ferreira on basic education in Brazil to acts of subjugation and slavery of peoples, as if a foreigner residing in Brazil could not criticize the educational structure of Brazil, due to past facts practiced by his native country. Corréu made use of expressions such as “the colonizer’s vision” and “these Portuguese” in a pejorative, prejudiced way and with the sole objective of achieving the Author’s honor. The comments were directed at the person and nationality of Mr. Abel Ferreira and not to his performance as a football coach.


Finally, the coach demands a public retraction from the journalist and the radio station.

– In addition to the pecuniary reparation, the Plaintiff understands that the
disclosure of public retraction by the Defendants, also as a way to remedy the damage to their honor, in addition to serving as an educational and preventive character of new abusive manifestations (…) The foregoing (Abel Ferreira), requires the Plaintiff to condemn the Defendants to publish a public retraction, proportional to the grievance suffered by Mr. Abel Ferreira, with the same scope reached by Corréu’s insulting speeches.

It is reported in the process that the amount of compensation (R$ 50 thousand) will be fully reverted by the coach to charitable humanitarian organizations. The Palmeiras coach’s lawyers ask that the fine be divided between the journalist and the broadcaster.

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O THROW!, contacted Mauro and the lawyer João Henrique Chiminazzo, responsible for defending the journalist. Mauro Cezar stated that he did not offend the honor of the Palmeiras coach.

– The matter is being handled by my lawyer, I don’t have to express myself, even because at no time did I offend anyone’s honor – said the journalist.

The lawyer stated that Mauro used his constitutional right to freedom of expression when he said, on a Jovem Pan program, that Abel Ferreira made a comment with “a colonizer’s vision” about an episode of indiscipline by Gabriel Verón at Palmeiras.

– As a member of the press, he used his constitutional right of freedom of expression to comment on facts, without making any kind of personal attack, as is being insinuated – added Mauro Cezar’s lawyer.

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In addition to Mauro Cezar, coach alviverde is also suing UOL journalist Luis Augusto Símon, better known as “Menon”. The columnist published an opinion chronicle about Abel’s comments to Gabriel Verón. Again, the coach reports attacks on his honor and distortion of his lines.

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