See HOW MUCH Queen Elizabeth left of HERITAGE: value is SURREAL

Last Thursday (08), the death of monarch Elizabeth II took everyone by surprise. British Royalty has always been the subject of much curiosity from people around the world and, obviously, news like this would not go unnoticed. However, after a few days of commotion across the globe, another doubt has permeated the minds of commoner society: how much will be the inheritance left by Queen Elizabeth after her death? To try to answer this question, we seek some information as you can check in the article below.

queen elizabeth inheritance
Queen Elizabeth II’s fortune is surreal – Image: Disclosure

Monarch’s death sparks global curiosity

As previously mentioned, the death of Queen Elizabeth II has drawn a lot of attention from world society. The longest-lived monarch in history was in power from 1952 to 2022, exactly 70 years. Evidently, with her death, at the age of 96, there was also a lot of criticism due to the slave-holding past of the British Royalty and although many truths have just come to light, a large portion of curiosity continues to arise among people. In particular one that involves the inheritance left by Your Majesty.

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Queen Elizabeth’s inheritance sparks reactions

Therefore, we went looking for how much Queen Elizabeth will leave to her heirs and the fortune draws a lot of attention. Namely, the British newspaper The Sunday Times estimated the values ​​to be around £365 million or R$2.2 billion. Despite being the richest monarch in the United Kingdom, Elizabeth II was not even among the 30 richest people in the country or the world.

Another British vehicle called Good To informed that the British fortune comes from three sources of income: the inheritance inherited in the succession, payments of private scholarships and the Sovereign Grantor Sovereign Subsidyin Portuguese, where British taxpayers pay taxes to royalty.

Criticism also falls on the Royalty

Despite having generated a commotion around the world, many people did not even mourn the death of Queen Elizabeth II. Much of this comes from the well-known colonial past of the United Kingdom, especially in the continents of the Americas, Africa and Asia.

India, for example, for years a British colony, demanded the return of the diamond Koh-i-Noor which, depending on the country was stolen by the East India Companyin 1840, in the 19th century.

Finally, South Africa has also demanded for many years the return of the diamond known as “The Great Star of Africa”but which had its name changed to Thomas Cullinan, the president of the mine where it was mined.

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