Sports journalist Silvio Lancellotti dies

the sports journalist Silvio Lancellotti died this Tuesday, 13th, in São Paulo, at 73 years deity. The journalist was admitted to the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) of a hospital in the region for about a week, with a serious heart condition.

Silvio was an architect by training, but spent 50 years of his life dedicating himself to his work as a journalist. He was a pioneer of the Italian football theme in Brazil and acted both on television and in newspapers and magazines.

He started working on TV in 1984 and worked for broadcasters in São Paulo such as Gazeta, Manchete, Band, Record and ESPN. The journalist also ventured into the culinary world and even presented several programs in this area.

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Lancellotti was a football commentator and participated in eight editions of the World Cup and six of the Olympic Games. He was known for telling stories through games and giving recipes for Italian cuisine.

Silvio was also a writer and talked about his passions: sport and cooking. The journalist has written more than 20 books on the subject and a few novels.

Silvio’s death was mourned by newspapers where he passed, such as ESPN, by former colleagues and by admirers of his work.

“With great affection, I keep memories of the transmissions of the Italian Championship with Silvio Lancellotti. Always a learning about history, culture and art. When commenting on football, it was much more than tactics and cold statistics. It warmed curiosity. Rest in peace”, wrote one fan on twitter.

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