STJD acquits Rafael Ramos in case of racial injury against Edenilson

This Tuesday, the Superior Court of Sports Justice (STJD) acquitted Corinthians side Rafael Ramos, in the case of accusation of racial slur made by Edenilson, from Internacional.

In the opinion of the auditors of the Second Disciplinary Committee of the STJD, there is no evidence in the process that proves enough for the conviction of the accused athlete. The decision was made by unanimous vote and appeals can be made to the Plenary – which will be called by Internacional.

The complaint was released by the Attorney General’s Office after the conclusion of the investigation conducted by the auditor Paulo Sérgio Feuz, who highlighted that the evidence prepared and, mainly, the Labial Expertise hired by the STJD, showed that there were strong indications of racial offenses committed by the athlete Rafael Ramos and directed to the athlete Edenilson.

The Prosecutor’s Office added, in a face-to-face and remote session, the documentary and video evidence, while the defense of Rafael Ramos added documentary, video and testimonial evidence.

“There was that dispute on the field. A normal move, dispute between the two players, with insults between both parties, the game continued until Edenilson addressed the referee saying that he had suffered a racist insult. It was a very quick move and I don’t know what he could have understood. After the game I went to Internacional’s locker room and told him that he must have misunderstood, that I never called him a monkey and that it is not part of my vocabulary to use that word as an offense.”, defended the Corinthians shirt 2.

The defense also heard Alessandro Nunes, football manager, António Ascensão, physical trainer for Corinthians, defender Robson Bambu, in addition to experts Anderson Santana and Fernando Pinho Barreira, who spoke about the expert analysis made through lip reading, in a technical way.

The episode took place in the game on May 14, valid for the sixth round of the Brasileirão 2022. At 31 minutes of the second half, midfielder Edenilson informed the referee that the opposing athlete had said the following words to him: “fuck monkey” .

Sporting scope x judicial scope

It is worth remembering that the acquittal in the STJD is not part of the same criminal process, in which Rafael Ramos became a defendant at the end of August. The complaint was presented by the Public Ministry and received by Judge Marco Aurélio Martins Xavier, of the 14th Criminal Court and Court of the Fan and Major Events of the Central Forum of the District of Porto Alegre.

Shortly before, in June, the Portuguese had already been indicted for the same case by the Civil Police. The decision was made by delegate Roberto Sahagoff, head of the 2nd Civil Police Station in Porto Alegre. The indictment took place even after the official expert report defined as inconclusive what Rafael said to Edenilson. Shortly after the report, the Internacional athlete took a strong position on social media.

In addition to the expert report, the Corinthians player himself hired two different investigations to evaluate the images of the case. The first report defined that the Corinthians man did not say “monkey” and the second confirmed the opinion of the first.

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