Tarcísio says he does not answer for the party and that Douglas Garcia’s offense to Vera Magalhães should be punished by Alesp | Elections 2022 in Prudente and Region – SP

“I cannot speak for the party, but I think that this type of attitude has to be severely punished. Even by Alesp”, said Tarcísio, during an agenda in Presidente Prudente.

On Tuesday night (13), Tarcísio participated in a debate on TV Cultura. At the end of the meeting between the candidates, Bolsonar state deputy Douglas Garcia (Republicans) offended and attacked journalist Vera Magalhães.

Vera, who is a columnist for the newspaper O Globo, a commentator for CBN radio and presenter of the program Roda Viva, on TV Cultura, was in the area reserved for journalists when she was approached by Douglas Garcia.

Deputy Douglas Garcia offends journalist Vera Magalhães in a debate in SP

Deputy Douglas Garcia offends journalist Vera Magalhães in a debate in SP

With his cell phone in hand, the Bolsonaro deputy approaches Vera and says that she is “a disgrace to journalism” and intimidates her. The phrase is the same used by President Jair Bolsonaro (PL) to attack the journalist in the Band debate between presidential candidates at the end of August.

Garcia was taken to the event by Tarcísio himself. He is from the same party as Bolsonaro’s candidate for the government of SP and has photos with the former minister, both on his social media and in campaign material.

After the episode, Tarcísio classified the state deputy’s act as aggression and expressed support for the journalist through a phone call. Still in Presidente Prudente, the candidate for the state government told how Garcia obtained approval from his team to be in the debate.

“What happens, yesterday afternoon. The deputy got in touch with the team and asked for a credential. We obviously think the following: he’s a state deputy, he’s a congressman, he’s even a person from my party. the credential because, for sure, he wants to go there to honor, to cheer. That was our feeling. And what we witnessed is absolutely reprehensible, regrettable”, stated Tarcísio.

Tarcísio de Freitas was at an event alongside President Jair Bolsonaro (PL), who did not comment on the matter.

The newspaper “O Globo” and radio CBN released a note in support of journalist Vera Magalhães in which they classified the attack as “unacceptable in all aspects”.

“There is no room for this type of attack against press professionals in a democratic environment. By offending and embarrassing the journalist, one of the most respected in the country, the deputy launched an attack on the free press”, says the note released by the communication vehicles. .

Two state deputies from the PT of São Paulo will ask for the impeachment of Douglas Garcia in the Legislative Assembly of São Paulo, Alesp. The information was released on the Andréia Sadi’s blog.

“The position of the parliamentarian is incompatible with the Democratic State of Law and his behavior towards the journalist Vera Magalhães represents a serious disrespect for women”, said Emídio de Souza.

The Assembly’s Ethics Council released a note in which it says that it “repudiates offensive and disrespectful conduct, always valuing respect, dialogue and tolerance among all” and that it will investigate complaints regarding the conduct of Deputy Douglas Garcia “with transparency and speed” . The text is signed by the president of the Council, state deputy Carlão Pignatari (PSDB).

The episode on TV Cultura is not the first controversy involving Garcia. The state deputy had his mandate suspended for disclosing false information. Garcia has already been convicted after disclosing personal data on opponents of the Bolsonaro government and was the subject of representation in the Alesp Ethics Council for saying that a trans woman is “a man who thinks he is a woman”.

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