Tiago Ramos kicks Sônia Abrão’s columnist at the premiere of ‘A Fazenda 14’


Tiago Ramos, a model known for his relationship with Neymar’s mother, did not take lightly a comment made by Felipeh Campos

Felipeh Campos received a reply "crossed" by Tiago Ramos
© Playback / RecordTVFelipeh Campos received a “cross-over” response from Tiago Ramos

Tiago Ramos, model and ex-boyfriend of Nadine Gonçalves – mother of Neymar – did not react well to a question asked by columnist Felipeh Campos, known for his work with Sônia Abrão on RedeTV’s ‘A Tarde é Sua’. The two found each other strange during the premiere of ‘A Fazenda 14’, which premieres today (13) on RecordTV.

In the event, several journalists had the opportunity to ask questions to pedestrians who will enter the reality show. Felipeh chose the model and started with a provocation. “I’m going to choose Tiago Ramos, better known as Neydrasto. Do you think Neymar will cheer you up?”, he asked.

Tiago then gave a diplomatic answer, guaranteeing he had nothing against the PSG player and said that he would be happy to have his supporters. “So if he wants to get up it will be great for me. I have nothing against him and we are here to play”, he pondered.

However, Felipeh poked the model again when mentioning an alleged episode that occurred in the pre-confinement, where several portals reported that Tiago would have set up a shack and broken furniture in the room where he stayed. “You like to break something, be careful at headquarters, huh. Do you think you’re going to break something?”, he asked. It was at that moment that Tiago lost the line: “So far, it’s quiet around here, my dear, watch it and you’ll see”, he commented, appearing irritated. Without grace, Felipeh finished: “Look how graceful”.

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