Truck Driver Assistance: self-declaration ends today (12)

Autonomous cargo carriers, who still do not receive the Truck Driver Assistance, can send the Self-Declaration of the Registration Term until this Monday (12). The document is a requirement for receiving the benefit.

The deadline for delivery was extended from August 29th to September 12th and whoever sends the documentation today, if contemplated, will receive the payment of the first two installments of the benefit on September 24th, referring to July and August, together with with the third quota, scheduled for the same day.

According to data from the Ministry of Labor and Welfare, on August 9, the program’s first settlement date, 190,861 drivers received the benefit, with total resources of approximately R$381 million.

As of August 29, 129,788 drivers had already self-declared and received the first two deposits on September 6.

Submission of self-declaration

The self-declaration must be carried out by professionals with active registration in the National Registry of Road Cargo Transporters (RNTR-C), of the National Land Transport Agency (ANTT), even if there are no operations this year.

“All professionals in this situation have a notification in the systems of the Ministry of Labor and Welfare (MTP). And they can use these same channels to make the self-declaration. Access can be made through the Emprega Brasil Portal, using the login, at the services link, or through the Digital Work Card application. The document will give more security and transparency to the use of public resources”, explained the Ministry of Labor and Social Security in a note.

The document serves to confirm that the truck driver meets the legal requirements of the aid and that he is able to carry out regular road transport of cargo. In the self-declaration, the National Registry of Motor Vehicles (Renavam) of vehicles registered with ANTT will be required.

The truck driver can check the status of the RNTR-C through the ANTT public consultation website.

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