Ukraine gets excited about achievements and aims to free all Russian-occupied territory

Ukraine’s army has regained control of Kharkiv, the country’s second-largest city, marking Russia’s worst defeat since the start of the war.

Ukraine has already regained control of 8,000 square kilometers of Kharkiv, according to Zelenksy

In view of the latest achievements, especially the resumption of control over a large part of Kharkiv – a total of eight thousand square kilometers, according to the Ukrainian president, Volodymyr Zelensky – Ukraine is confident with its counter-offensive and already has a new objective: to liberate all the territory occupied by the invading Russian forces after driving them out in a quick counter-offensive in the northeast of the country. “The aim is to liberate the Kharkiv region and beyond – all territories occupied by the Russian Federation,” Malyar said on the road to Balakliia, which is 74 km southeast of Kharkiv. “Stabilization measures have been completed in about half of this territory,” Zelensky said on Tuesday, 13, referring to the achievements in Kharkiv. “And in a cleared area that is about the same size, stabilization measures are still ongoing,” he added. Kiev It relies on Western assistance, and the United States has already pledged more military aid and mission support, the White House said. Ukrainian flags were hoisted and large crowds gathered to receive relief packages. A shopping mall was destroyed, but many buildings remained intact, with stores closed and sealed. Since Moscow abandoned its main stronghold in the country’s northeast on Saturday, marking its worst defeat since the early days of the war, Ukrainian troops have recaptured dozens of cities in a stunning shift in battlefield momentum. Russian forces still control about a fifth of Russia’s territory. Ukrainein the south and east, but Kiev is now on the offensive in both areas.

Ukraine's Chronic Offensive

*With information from Reuters

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