Union city that refused João Gomes’ concert is a Bolsonarista stronghold in Maranhão | maranhão

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The show was planned to take place at the ‘PiZro’ festival on October 29 at the city’s Exhibition Park. However, Imperial Produções, responsible for João Gomes’ show in Imperatriz, said that the show will not be canceled and that it may take place elsewhere in the city or in neighboring municipalities..

With more than 259 thousand inhabitants, Imperatriz is the second largest city in Maranhão — Photo: Edmara Silva

With over 250,000 inhabitants, Imperatriz is known for being a Bolsonarista stronghold in Maranhão. In the 2018 elections, the city was one of only three that gave Bolsonaro victory in the 2nd round of elections with PT Fernando Haddad (PT).

Bolsonaro had 70,936 valid votes (54.99%) against 58,054 (45.01%) obtained by Fernando Haddad. In addition to Imperatriz, the cities of Açailândia and São Pedro dos Crentes were the only ones that won the president during the 2nd round of elections.

Imperatriz, in Maranhão, is the stronghold of President Jair Bolsonaro (PL) — Photo: Reproduction/g1

The city is the second largest in the state. Imperatriz is home to national companies, which extract wood for the production of paper and cellulose, in addition to having large cattle-producing farms, also highlighting the production of rice and other grains.

The municipality is located near Balsas, a stronghold of agricultural producers from different parts of the country, mainly from southern Brazil. In addition, Imperatriz is a neighboring city to Açailândia, considered one of President Bolsonaro’s strongholds in the state. In the 2nd round, Bolsonaro won in Açailândia with 27,430 valid votes (51.52%).

President Bolsonaro participates in a motorcycle in Imperatriz

President Bolsonaro participates in a motorcycle in Imperatriz

During his term as President of the Republic, had three official passages through Maranhão. In all of them, Bolsonaro was in Imperatriz, the region that concentrates the largest number of supporters in the state.

In 2020, during the height of the Covid-19 pandemic, Jair Bolsonaro was in São Luís to inaugurate works on a stretch of the BR-135 and the new ‘panelodrómo’, in Imperatriz, a gastronomic complex of popular cuisine that houses the merchants who sell the “panelada”, a typical dish of the region.

He met with supporters on the way out of the airport. Without a mask, he interacted with a group and a crowd formed in the area. During his stint in the state, he raised controversy by saying that a traditional pink soda was ‘boiolagem’ and provoked reactions across the country.

Bolsonaro at a ceremony for the delivery of Rural Property Titles in the state of Maranhão — Photo: Isac Nóbrega/PR

In 2021, Bolsonaro returned to Maranhão for appointments in the cities of Alto Parnaíba, Açailândia and Imperatriz. After delivering the ‘Estaiada Bridge’ that connects Alto Parnaíba and Santa Filomena (PI), he spent the night at the Army’s 50th Jungle Infantry Battalion, in Imperatriz.

In Açailândia, during the delivery of rural property titles, Bolsonaro provoked crowds. Without a mask, an item that at the time was mandatory by decree in Maranhão, he greeted supporters.

After the event, Bolsonaro was fined BRL 80,000 by the Government of Maranhão for causing crowds and not wearing a protective mask amid the Covid-19 pandemic. He did not respond to the subpoena made by the Superintendence of Sanitary Surveillance of Maranhão (Suvisa).

Bolsonaro in Vitória do Mearim — Photo: Personal Archive

Bolsonaro was, this year, in Imperatriz and Vitória do Mearim. The president participated in a motorcycle, addressed supporters at Imperatriz airport and attended the 35th Ordinary General Assembly of the Convention of Ministers of Evangelical Churches of the Assemblies of God of Seta in Maranhão (Comadesma).

Controversy with João Gomes

Sinndrural directors say they will refuse João Gomes' show at Parque de Exposições

Sinndrural directors say they will refuse João Gomes’ show at Parque de Exposições

The Rural Union of Imperatriz made a statement and said that it will not accept João Gomes’ show at Parque de Exposições, which was planned to take place during the ‘PiZro’ festival, on October 29th. The reason is that the singer led a chorus against President Jair Bolsonaro (PL) during Rock in Rio.

Three union members recorded a video claiming that João Gomes disrespected the president. The video was posted on social media on Monday (12). Watch the video above.

“We were asked to perform the show of singer João Gomes here inside our arena, which we deny, due to his behavior of mistreating the figure of our president Bolsonaro. He is not welcome here inside the Exhibition Park, because our flag is green and yellow”, says the group.

The statement comes a week after the singer led a chorus against Bolsonaro when he performed for the first time at Rock in Rio. On the occasion, João Gomes went to the audience and recorded a video saying ‘Hey Bolsonaro’, which is completed by ‘vai tama no c*’ by the fans (see below).

João Gomes leads chorus against Bolsonaro at Rock in Rio

João Gomes leads chorus against Bolsonaro at Rock in Rio

After the repercussion of the video, the singer published on social media an apology for the speech, saying that his purpose is to convey love and joy.

“I was wrong and disrespected some fans… I don’t support any flag, but I was irresponsible. I wanted to apologize for mentioning a name I could never mention. I was wrong. And I apologize a lot. I apologize… I’m an eternal apprentice”, said the singer.

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