What Taís Araújo said about marriage with Lázaro had an impact

What Taís Araújo said about her marriage to Lázaro had an impact

The actress Tais Araújo participated in the podcast’Who Can, Can‘ and commented on some intimacies about his marriage with Lazaro Ramos.

the commander, Giovanna Ewbankasked the artist about her 18 years of marriage, going through ups and downs, wanting to know how she manages to overcome this situation.

Taís Araújo confessed that her husband, when he is focused on a job, forgets that he has a wife and daughters.

“When he starts a job, when he is in that immersion, he forgets. I have to call many times and say: ‘dear, look, you have a wife and two children, you can’t go away’”, said the actress.

Then, the famous confessed that every marriage needs adjustments over time, especially a union that has lasted almost 2 decades.

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“You have to adjust all the time, because life is in motion, life is in motion, everything is happening,” said the actress.

He also gave an example: “If you don’t look at the contract again, redo the contract, what are the clauses that were super important and now are not so much, what are the others that we need to put. To adjust, to tune”, he explained.

Finally, Giovanna Ewbank asked about sex in marriage, and Taís Araújo answered the presenter right away.

“We still have sex, not a lot, because I’m tired. But obviously, because I’m 43, Lázaro too, we’re the same age.”revealed the actress.

At that moment, Lázaro Ramos called his wife, and said that the actor was traveling with his children, while she stayed at home with her father and compadre.

Taís Araújo was the guest of the podcast 'Quem Pode, Pod', led by Giovanna Ewbank (Reproduction: Youtube)
Taís Araújo was the guest of the podcast ‘Quem Pode, Pod’, led by Giovanna Ewbank (Reproduction: Youtube)

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