Woman arrested after spitting on passenger and assaulting flight attendant

A woman was sentenced to four months in prison and three years of probation in New York (USA) after spitting on a passenger and assaulting a flight attendant on a plane. According to US TV CBS News and the US Attorney’s Office, passengers Kelly Pichardo, 32, and Leeza S. Rodriguez, 30, caused chaos on the flight.

The incident took place in February 2021, but only now have the authorities given the sentence of conviction. At the time, the flight from Dallas to Los Angeles was diverted to Phoenix, after the two assaulted a passenger and a flight attendant on the trip.

During the flight, they were in first class and a man asked them to stop talking out loud, as their conversation had a strong racial content and this annoyed him. One of them spat at him and cursed him, and when he tried to record the fight, she dropped the boy’s cell phone.

With the confusion established, some of the crew tried to intervene in the situation and one of them ended up being attacked. With no solutions to break up the fight, the flight was diverted to Phoenix.

The case was investigated by the FBI and local police, who indicted the two for misconduct by verbally and physically assaulting other passengers and workers on the plane.

Kelly was ordered to pay around US$9,200 (approximately R$47,000 at current rates) in restitution to American Airlines. In addition, she will be supervised for three years following her four-month imprisonment.

Prosecutor Gary Restaino repudiated the women’s attitude. “There is a line between rude behavior on a plane and criminal activity, and the defendant has clearly crossed it. First-class passengers are not immune from prosecution: Verbal and physical intimidation has interrupted the journey of passengers and crew.”

Leeza has already pleaded guilty and will be tried in November.

The airline said the two women were placed on the “internal exclusion” list and is awaiting the outcome of the investigation.

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