YouTube starts showing five ads before videos and annoys users in tests

YouTube has angered many users around the world by silently starting a test that could impact the experience of watching videos on the platform. This is because now not two are displayed, but five ads before each video.

To make matters worse, these ads cannot be skipped. In other words, the user is obliged to watch all commercials of the most varied types of product. Annoyed, some people have been complaining on Twitter.

youtube just gave me 5 long ads that cannot be ignored.

That is, this gives the impression that the platform showed 30-second ads, which is considered long when compared to five-second commercials.

A detail that has also drawn attention is that there are cases where only two regular ads are still displayed. That is, not all users are having access to the new format developed by the platform.

Commenting on the matter, a YouTube spokesperson confirmed the test of the novelty and said that the “bumper ads” initiative should use five ads that are only six seconds long.

In addition, YouTube states that the intention is not to exceed the current 30-second limit. Therefore, if you notice any problems, the platform recommends that the user make a report on the bugs page.

As for the possible public release of the five non-skippable ads, the representative declined to go into details.

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