Aid of up to R$ 4.5 thousand for those who are MEI: learn how to request

The Federal Government sanctioned a new SIM Digital loan line for Individual Microentrepreneurs (MEI). Now, entrepreneurs can get up to R$ 4,500 in credit to help with the costs of their business.

Want to know more about the new line and who can participate? So keep following us below to check out all the important information we’ve separated especially for you!

Check out the new SIM Digital loan line available for MEI
Check out the new SIM Digital loan line available for MEI / Credit: @jeanedeoliveirafotografia /

New loan from SIM Digital to MEI

In principle, the objective of the project is to facilitate access to loans for those entrepreneurs who were previously excluded from the national financial system.

In addition, the system also aims to encourage this group to formalize their small businesses, as well as increase the guarantee of consent for microcredit for MEIs. There is even the possibility that this may occur with the National Program for Oriented Productive Microcredit.

In addition, the benefit also seeks to serve other medium and small companies, as well as those who wish to undertake using the resources from the Investment Guarantee Fund (FGI), which is offering R$ 3 billion in financing. The Digital SIM, in turn, is a realization of Caixa’s Microfinance Guarantee Fund (FGM).

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Who is entitled?

In short, the Digital SIM is intended for those who carry out productive activities or provide services in the rural or urban categories. For this, assignments must occur individually, collectively (with other workers) or by MEIs within the scope of the Digital Microcredit Simplification Program for Entrepreneurs (PNMPO).

Following these criteria, the benefit meets each case differently. For example, individuals can have access to a maximum amount of BRL 1,500, while MEIs can contract up to BRL 4,500, with interest that can reach up to 3.6% monthly, being able to divide the installments into up to 24 times.

Apart from that, values ​​have yet another priority group: women. Therefore, until this public reaches about 50% of the proportion of hiring the new line, it continues to be a priority. However, until then the contract is not available, as the Ministry of Labor and Social Security still needs to regulate the project. The expectation, however, is that the release of the new loan line will take place soon.

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