Airline loses passenger’s orthopedic prosthesis

A 26-year-old girl went 12 days without her waterproof prosthetic leg after the airline lost her luggage.

Texas resident Emily Tuite revealed to Fox that her vacation was ruined as she couldn’t swim, go to the beach or shower for 12 days. Without the prosthesis, she cannot stand in the shower.

The young woman described the days of waiting for her suitcase as “traumatic”. The waterproof prosthesis was in a bright blue bag she’d checked in on a Sept. 1 flight from Austin to San Diego.

According to the passenger, custom prostheses can take up to a year in production.

After many attempts at recovery, Emily contacted a newspaper spokesperson and told her what had happened. After the disclosure, she finally received a phone call informing her that the airline had found the suitcase.

According to Emily, the suitcase was marked with information from another passenger and was at the airport in Provo, Utah.

The young woman said that the airline called the passenger saying they had the suitcase, but the customer denied it, saying it did not belong to him. “Meanwhile, I was panicking, thinking my suitcase had been stolen.”

In a statement, Allegiant Airlines apologized for the incorrect handling of the baggage and said that it would reimburse the passenger $60 (approximately R$310 – at the current rate) to cover the baggage fees.

“I spent my entire trip on the phone with the company, trying to locate my suitcase. It’s frustrating to think that there is no other compensation as they lost my prosthesis for 12 days.”

Emily is not the only tourist who has suffered from lost luggage on flights. Earlier this year, a family experienced a nightmare after their bags were lost twice on a trip from Dublin to Venice with Lufthansa Airlines.

The passenger said the trip was “ruined” after he was left in just one outfit for nearly a week during a holiday in Cancun, Mexico.

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