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Google has added about 31 new static emojis to its Noto font, according to a blog post for developers this past Tuesday (13) – among them, the long-awaited pink heart, a trembling face and a Wi-Fi signal. Fi. The novelty brings updated emojis according to the Unicode 15.0 specifications, also made available on Tuesday. However, for now, their use is restricted to the web, with download available in GIF, WEBP and Lottie formats – open source animation that generates files that can be resized without loss of quality. According to Google’s publication, these new emojis are expected to arrive on mobile phones in 2023.

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Google launches 180 animated emojis after publication of the Unicode 15.0 standard — Photo: Unsplash/Domingo Alvarez

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The 31 static figures newly added in Unicode 15.0, and already incorporated by Google, comprise 20 completely new figures. The rest are emoji variations, such as different skin tones in the pushing hand symbol and the heart colors.

In addition, 180 animated emojis were also added – which, in turn, do not include these 31 new drawings. On the animation download page, the giant explains: “With nearly 4,000 emojis, we are living one day at a time. You can expect more to be added in the future.”

New emojis added to the Unicode 15.0 standard, already adopted by Google — Photo: Reproduction/Emojipedia

That said, it’s worth remembering that Noto Color Emoji, a font that brings together Google’s static pattern emoticons, currently has 3,664 figures. The company also has thousands of emojis in a monochrome version, originally released in April of this year, as a kind of “back to ancient times”.

Another novelty from Google is the adoption of the COLRv1 standard, which allows you to change the colors of emojis. Users can shuffle the tones of a character and create their own version of the figure, as in the example below. For now, support for COLRv1 is only available in Chrome and Microsoft Edge, but Firefox should get the feature soon.

Noto Emoji, a monochrome emoji font launched by Google in April — Photo: Reproduction/Google

It is worth mentioning that customizations that use the COLRv1 standard cannot yet be used in messengers such as WhatsApp and Telegram. However, Google is looking to expand the possibilities for customizing emojis in these apps.

Duck emoji with changed colors thanks to the new COLRv1 pattern — Photo: Playback/Glitch

To offer a possibility of customization in these applications, the manufacturer has updated the “Emoji Kitchen” feature of Gboard, with a feature that allows you to change the colors of emojis through colored hearts. To do this, simply insert the desired emoji followed by the heart with the color of your choice. A rose and a yellow heart, for example, would generate a yellow rose.

There is no confirmation of the release of these faces on cell phones with Android system, but, as indicated by Google in its blog post, it is possible that they will be available to the public in 2023. TechTudo contacted the company to confirm the date, but, until the closing of the matter, had still not received answers.

Gboard’s “Emoji Kitchen” feature now lets you change the color of emojis — Photo: Disclosure/Google

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